Andrew Jackson Wasn’t Democratic

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Andrew Johnson, born December 29, 1808 in North Carolina. He died July 31, 1875 in Tennessee. He was the 17th president of the United States from 1865–69 who took office after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln during the in end of American Civil War (1861–65). Before being elected to the presidency Jackson became popular as a general in the U.S Army and served in both houses of Congress.

As president, Jackson strived to advance the “common man’ and to preserve the Union. Democratic is relating to or supporting democracy or its principles. How democratic was Andrew Jackson? Andrew jackson wasn’t democratic. The first reason he’s not democratic is because he always had a ulterior motive. The second reason is because he is selfish and only looked out for his own benefit. The last reason is because he says one thing to make himself seem one way then contradicts himself.

Andrew Jackson wasn’t democratic because he always had a ulterior motive. In Andrew’s letter to colleague convincing him to give voting rights to soldiers. When you start to read between the lines, and pay attention to what Jackson is really saying in the letter there is something more. “If the soldiers should be admitted to vote you are safe, the army will stick by you..” This piece of evidence demonstrates how Andrew had an ulterior motive and isn’t really looking to do the public good. A excerpt from a biography about Jackson talks about one of his greatest mistakes as president.

“When the scandal broke, jackson’s opponents doubled over with laughter. All the talk about rooting out corruption in government they said, and here the greatest theft in the history of the republic occurs in the general’s own administration. In this case, Andrew Jackson went against all reason, he shows a great lack of good judgment when he appointed on of his “friends” to a spot in the govt. This ended up hurting our country economically.In for that reason Andrew Jackson is not democratic.

Andrew Jackson wasn’t democratic because he was selfish, Letter from Jackson talking about the benefits of the trail of tears and a letter from the native americans that the trail effected talking about the negative aspects of the trail “by persuasion and force they have been made to retire from river to river and from mountain to mountain, until some of the tribes have become extinct and others have became extinct and other have left but remnants.”  “We wish to remain on the land of our fathers we have a perfect and origin right to remain without interruption or molestation”

This document is the indians were saying how it was first a chose if they left there land and now its not and how they would like to remain on their land.Although some people may agree that Andrew was making the Indians relocat because he viewed them as a threat and wanted to ensure the safety of U.S. citizens but that’s not the case because if he saw them as a threat why wasn’t his first decision in office was to kick them out?

Andrew Jackson wasn’t democratic because he says one thing to make himself seem one way then contradicts himself. “To every noble hearted an of color, volunteering to serve to the present contest with Great Britain and no longer, there will be able to get paid the same bounty in money and lands now received by the white soldiers of the united state as a white man and have similar things as white men” (Practically making white man and black soldiers somewhat equal).

In conclusion Andrew Jackson wasn’t democratic. He always had a ulterior motive behind what he did, He was selfish and only looked out for his own benefit, and he says one thing to make himself seem one way then contradicts himself.

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