Presidency of Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson was elected president in 1829 to 1837. Andrew Jackson was a symbol for his era. President Jackson was a figure who came to symbolize the triumph of democracy. He failed to become president in 1824, but four years later his actions as president and the political party that formed around him improved national politics in a more democratic kind. In the election Andrew Jackson won a majority of the election votes but he lacked a necessary amount.

In 1824 among the other three candidates Jackson had 99 electoral votes, which was more than the other 3 candidates. Andrew Jackson won by a popular vote of one hundred fifty thousand and had been more effective. At first no one gave Andrew Jackson a chance and were negative towards him. Some of his original supporters did not think he had a chance in the white house and he did not play a role in the national politics.

Andrew Jackson did end up being one the most vigorous of American presidents. Andrew Jackson learned to fight his own battles, he fought a number of duels and served in wars against the British, Indians, and the Spanish. His military career enhanced and reinforced his social status. Jackson started a removal on the Indians so they would have to make move to Mississippi. By removing the Indians, Jackson thought he was doing them a favor. Andrew Jackson advocated a new and more imperious removal policy in 1829 and he asserted the primary states rights over Indian rights and called for the removal of eastern Indians to areas in Mississippi.

The native American societies thought they were under pressure. Andrew Jackson denied the Cherokee autonomy. The Cherokee was the largest of “five civilized tribes”. Cherokee became market economy farmers and plantation owners. After the removal of the Indians, Between 1832-1833, crisis erupted over South Carolina when they attempted to nullify the tariff of 1832 and when that was happening Andrew Jackson threatened South Carolina with military force.

Jackson was the first president to defend the practice of an application of democratic doctrine. He was recognized as a “Common Man”. Andrew Jackson built an organization which reached out to the public and he attacked the institutions that determined the rich and the poor. He was not always concerned with respect for the law. Andrew Jackson may not have been the greatest president but he always held a special place in America, he rose to the top of the American political power and he was known to be tough. He did not let anyone cross him.

Andrew Jackson left a mark not only on American politics but also presidency. His actions made a change which involved in changes in America. He was a symbol for his era and became a historical figure and hero for some people. He believed the republican should be simple, sparing, and accessible. Andrew Jackson left a mark in America. He resolved political issues with iron fist and did everything he could.

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