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Women on the Civil War’s ‘Front Line’

The Civil War is indisputably a significant event in American history. As we know, the war was mainly fought over the dividing issue of slavery with the North opposed to slavery while the South for it. Of course, the Civil War was a result of a series of events. With the invention of the Cotton…

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Who Affected by the American Civil War

On April 12, 1861, The American Civil War started! The war started when Confederates attacked Union soldiers at Fort Sumter, which is located in South Carolina on April 12, 1861. When the war finally ended 4 years later, Robert E. Lee surrendered the last living major Confederate army to Ulysses S. Grant at a courthouse…

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Bravery in The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage is a realistic fictional account of a Union soldier from the American Civil War. His story begins with the young soldier living at home with his mother on a farm and hearing great sensationalized stories of battle and war. His mom did not approve of him signing up, but he…

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Civil War Between American Citizens

The war occurred between American citizens in the north and south6. This war united the country to the American ideals than ever before even though it was a bad one. The ideals include human rights, democracy, opportunity, liberty, and equity 2. The civil war was due to the battle of Bull Run which took place…

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Harriet Tubman

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Breaking Barriers in La Junta History

The State of Colorado is typically known for the beautiful Rocky Mountains, the Denver Broncos, and some of the most outstanding watermelon and cantaloupe. What others from out of state do not know is the amount of history that Colorado possesses. Near the end of the Civil War, before Colorado was founded, a monumental attack…

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Civil War

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Women Warriors in American Civil War: Prejudice of Confederates

The American Civil War not only led to racial equality, but also gender equality; trialed by the role of women disguised as men to fight in the war. Women who fought in battle played a fundamental contribution to the outcome of the war, all fighting for the same common goal: to prove their capability in…

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The American Yawp: History of the American Civil War

Online research is the most recent trending issue in the field of academics. The paper focuses on learning the history of American civil war from the Library of Congress. This paper presents an analysis and discussion of the history of the American civil wars from a primary online source titled Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877….

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The Struggles of Women and Civil War

The civil war has affected many people and America because of the war the way women are being treated has become different since before they began to join the war and help fight. Jobs, working conditions, rights, and even the society have evolved more than ever since the civil war. There was a female soldier,…

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Civil War

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The Effect of the Civil War on Medicine

A surgeon during the Civil War was typically busy, running from surgery to surgery without washing his utensils or hands. The wounded were plentiful, but doctors were scarce. One soldier recounted a memory in which he witnessed a soldier rushed in on a stretcher, and dumped on a bloody table while a surgeon with his…

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The Compromise of 1850 and the Civil War

During the mid-1800s Slavery was a huge money-making scheme that allowed one to own a human being as property. Because they were seen as property or a tool, they weren’t allowed the same rights as many citizens living in the US at the time. In fact, they were forced to do labor with physical violence…

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Civil War,

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Analytical Essay Topics:

What was the role of Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War?

Which job did the future western territories play in the American Civil War?

How did Mexico impact the result of the American Civil War?

Which job did the Cotton Gin have on American slavery?

How did slavery impact the economy of the American South?

What were the contrasts between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis?

What significant innovation did the North enjoy a benefit in?

What caused the change in the people of the North regarding the Civil War?

What was the result of the American Civil War?

What was the main motivation the North had the option to win the conflict?

For what reason did Robert E. Lee choose to join the South?

What has happened to racism after the American Civil War?

What was the women’s role in the American Civil War?

Which jobs did the United States play in isolating the country in two by district?

Would it have been feasible to end the war without finishing slavery

Which job did African-American Soldiers play in the American Civil War?

What role did the Battle of Fredericksburg have on the Civil War?

What caused the American Civil War?

The Factors of American Civil War According to Oates

The Issues of State Rights in the American Civil War

Argumentative Essay Topics:

How is the American Civil War shown today?

Assess the validity of Frederick Douglass’ statement with regard to the cause of the American Civil War

Causes of the American Civil War

Was the American Civil War Inevitable?

Why did the South Lose the American Civil War?

Economic Causes of the American Civil War

American Civil War as a Basis for Slaves’ Equal Rights

Role of Black Leaders during America’s Civil War

What role did the Border States between the North and South play in the civil war?

How did the American Civil War introduce the world to modern warfare?

How was the American Civil War depicted in the classic film Gone with the Wind?

Why was North Carolina so pivotal in the American Civil War?

What is the most common aftermath of the American Civil War?

The cost of the American Civil War and racial injustices

Could the American Civil War have been prevented?

Who were the main military figures during the American Civil War?

How did the American Civil War affect the presidency?

Nationalism in the American Civil War

How the American Civil War Affected Slaves?

Abraham Lincoln and His effect on the American Civil War


The American Civil War in 1861-1865 happened between North and South of the United States. The reason for the war between the North and the South was the election in 1860 to the post of President of the United States of Abraham Lincoln, a supporter of the abolition of slavery. The planters at their congress decided to separate the slave states from the Union and began preparations for war. In 1861, these states created the Confederation, whose troops mutinied in April and captured forts and arsenals in the south of the country.

The outbreak of the American Civil War was the result of an exacerbation of economic and socio-political contradictions between two social systems: the system of wage labor and the system of slavery. By its nature, the war was a bourgeois-democratic revolution, the second revolution in the United States.

After a series of military failures, the government of A. Lincoln, at the request of the workers, farmers, and the bourgeoisie, turned to revolutionary methods of waging war. The army was replenished with thousands of volunteers and blacks who fled to the North, then conscription was introduced. Now the northerners waged a war not only for the restoration of the country’s unity and prevention of the spread of slavery but also for the elimination of the slavery system, free allocation of land, i.e. the tasks of the war became revolutionary.

Of great importance to the success of the northerners was the Homestead Act, passed in 1862. In 1862, a government declaration on the emancipation of slaves was signed. Tens of thousands of former slaves volunteered for the army. The military initiative passed to the northerners.

The victory of the northerners in the American Civil War provided:

  • elimination of the economic and political disunity of the country,
    the abolition of slavery,
  • democratic resolution of the agrarian question in the West of the country,
  • the victory of the farming (American) way of developing agriculture in the greater territory of the United States,
  • creation of a single national market,
  • expanding the democratic rights of citizens.


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