An Investigation on Introverts and the Role of Fear in the Life of an Introvert

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Fear is one of the greatest issues that all introverted students face throughout their school life. It ranges from conversations with classmates to communications with parents Fear is one of the issues, that no introverted person can skip, and there are no loopholes. Improving one’s performance in public can’t be done differently from taking a deep breath and facing it. But before we investigate this issue, we have to know: Who we call an introvert? There is a significant number of introverted people all around the world From some people we can easily decide, if he is an introvert or an extrovert (the opposite of introvert), Extroverted people are more active in public and enjoy being the center of attention, while introverts are usually retractive and are much less likely to make impulsive decisions, Most introverted people speak laconically.

They are not describing happenings with thousands of words, that are not changing on the fact. However, there are people who qualify for neither, Some might be active in a debate once, but another time just remain silent and refuse to perform. So, is it bad to be an introvert? If you are one, your chances are lower to be a popular and widely recognized student. Such students are not likely to lead a crowd and they often remain silent, while their extrovert classmates are dominating a talk. However, according to Mr. Rauch, “If the world would be lead by introverts, it would likely be a better place” The point of his statement is that introverted people are gaining a lot of ideas while they are silent, processing the information over time and coming up with developed thoughts.

Meanwhile the extroverts have said a massive amount of words, that were often meaningless, raw statements that are good enough to keep a conversation alivet My answer is not, being an introvert doesn’t make one worse than the others Student’s who don‘t have a word in a conversation will become depressed leading to their choice of isolation from the crowd. They begin to search for their own peaceful place, where they can avoid social pressure In The Catcher in the Rye, Salinger portrays the protagonist, Holden as such a character “You could hear them all yelling, deep and terrific on the Pencey side, because practically the whole school except me was therein” Holden is typically a student who doesn’t like to participate in great social events like the Pencey football championship in December.

These places are more attractive for the popular students, who bring friends with them and enjoy the time being there. In contrast to Holden, there is Stradlater who has a dominant character on social grounds, he likes to be the center of attention and he has a high social rank in the school, especially on the basketball team, where the trainer is basically treating him as his “pet”. The more shy and gentle students are just like Holden, It’s harder to achieve social respect, than for the ones like Stradlater. Although being an introvert does not mean that the person is always retroactive.

In some cases an introverted person can also be a head of a conversation, but it requires him to be confident. In Holden’s example, he could easily have long chats with the nuns, Phoebe, Mr Antolini, in general with the people, who have a calm and peaceful nature, In the conversations with the people mentioned, he was less pressured compared to conversations with Stradlater and Holden‘s other roommate, Ackley for example, It is easier for an introverted student to share his ideas with people who have calm and peaceful nature than with the ones who are animated, It’s essential to notice that introverted people evaluate the world differently from the other people.

A writer, Jonathan Rauch, states that if introverted people don’t receive their time to be lonely for a while, they are likely to become grumpy and mean with the people around them, In parallel, Holden in the college acts irregularly as well, almost insanely with Ackley and Stradlater, because his privacy is often disturbed According to Jonathan Ranch, introvertedness is not something that we can cure And there is no point to do so! Introvertedness is a way of living and what an inlrovert should do, is to tell the other people to slow down Because introverted people have a lot to say, but they need the respect of their audience.


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