An Analysis of Endurance, Perseverance, Love and Family in Tough Times

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The song Slippin by artist DMX uses tone, theme and imagery. DMX s purpose for writing this song was to convey the theme how life in the streets is, and how you can over come life with drugs if you give it all you got. The song begins with the speaker talking about problems he is having with his mom, and that s when he decides to run away from home. Then it moves on to when he is on the streets by himself, and that is when his problems begin to worsen.

In the first stanza, the speaker starts talking about the problem he is having with his mom. He then decides to leave his house. When he leaves his house he thinks its going to be easy to live alone in the streets and that is when he uses imagery and says I m gonna be that seed that doesn t need much to succeed. He then finds out that life in the streets is not so easy and thats when he says, I m ready for the world, or at least I thought I was In this stanza he also uses tone when he says, DAMN, was it my fault something I did.? Here he is asking himself if it was his fault that his father had left him at age 7 and why did his father leave.

In the chorus the speaker uses the phrase. Im Slippin, I m fallin, I can t get up, which means that the speaker is loosing every hope that will help him survive through all the problems he has. The speaker also uses theme in the chorus when he says, See, to live is to suffer, but to survive, well, that s to find meaning in the suffering. He uses theme here because he is saying that to him life is nothing but suffering and if you survive the suffering, its just to find meaning in it.

In the middle of the song the speaker talks about how he hit rock bottom. He says that in three years he started showing signs of stress, that he didn t care how he looked and he didn t care about anybody. He says that he Would get high to get by or in other words he would get high to forget about the problems he had.

Finally at the end of the song he talks about how his life started to change with the help of his friends. He also changes because he has a son, so he says, Its got to change, I ve got a son, I ve got to do the right thing for shorty, and that means no more getting high. He says that because he has to be a good example for his son. He also says that he feels love and respected for the people that help him out when he needed help the most and also for the people that are going through what he went through because he knows how it feels. At the very end of the song he thanks his wife for sticking with him through everything.

This song has a lot of meaning in it, and I believe that its a good message for those who are going through the same situation. This song tell you how you can over come anything if you don t loose faith and give it all you got.

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