Advertising: Essential Part of the Economy

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Over the years, there has been a drastic change in advertisements. Advertising is a form of communication that seeks consumers to behave positively toward the product. Advertisements use appeals that encourage consumers to buy the product. “Advertisement is a factor in modern life.”

This statement means that advertisement leads people to purchase more product by looking at it through advertisement’s do so by satisfying the needs and interests of people. Advertising aims to promote expand their business by selling their goods and services by attracting consumers in an effective way. These days advertisers offer more choices within products to people by providing them with the health benefits and needs of people.

Based on the reading by Nigel Hollis. “why good advertising works (even when you think it doesn’t).” In that the author named Hollis is trying to share some of his own experiences regarding to advertisement. Like Hollis says “I was having dinner with friends the other evening, and one of the guests made a familiar statement. “I am not influenced by advertising”. Hollis also talks about friends and family believing that advertisement doesn’t works but he says that people believing that are wrong because that helps a lot.

Appeals in an advertisement adds influence on the customer to purchase the product. Customers get influenced easily by the emotional and humor appeal shown by the advertisers. The colorful and captivating designs attract consumers to buy the product. Design on the product convinces the customer to get the product. Colgate encourages its customers to buy the product by advertising the benefits of using the brand, such as it is suitable for fighting bacteria, and by providing statistics. Crest asserts that 80 percent of tooth sensitivity begins at the gum line, so treating sensitivity at the source with its gum and sensitivity toothpaste can provide relief from the pain.

Furthermore, Colgate kills 100% bacteria by cleaning your teeth, gums, and mouth. The two ads that I will compare throughout my essay will be Colgate Palmolive and Colgate Crest. There’s a neck to neck competition between these Colgate brands by showing loyalty to their customers. And the one that advertises successfully by explaining the benefits tends to win the competition. Consumers tend to buy the product that satisfies the people.

Overall the argument of “Advertising” is an essential part of the economy. It helps the economy to grow. It also leads people to buy products based on the advertisement they look at. Advertising makes the product look more creative and attract more people to buy it.


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