7 Lies Stop Us from Make Our Dreams

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Did you ask yourself why we did not realize the dreams of our childhood, seriously, why not? As children, we learned to dream many dreams. When did we stop dreaming? Should our dreams grow up with our age? We stop dreaming because we think our dreams childish things. These are the lies we tell ourselves and the truth behind them:

I’m so Old for This

This is the biggest lie we believe in when we want to do something new, but is this real? No. The older you become the wiser you get, the more things you can do. Do not believe this lie “I’m so old for this.” Age is just a number. Your dreams are not limited by your age, you limit them.

It’s so Late

As long as you live, it is not too late to realize your dreams, you can always do something new, learn a new language, start a new project, go back to the university, if you want something new, get for it move now, do not waste more time.

You Don’t Want to Leave the Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is the Bermuda Triangle for Dreams, Take a notepad, and write everything you will be able to get when you out of this zone, this notepad will be an incentive for you.

You cannot grow in the comfort zone, sooner or later, you will not achieve anything. If you do not come out of the comfort zone, you will become inanimate, and you will lose many opportunities. Life is an adventure.

Scared of What People Say

Ask yourself who you are listening to, people will tell you many things, most of them are harmful and incorrect. They will try to embarrass you and confuse you. Listen to someone who loves you and you trust him enough to tell you the truth and support you, they are the only important people.

I’m very Tired Now

One of the reasons people feel tired is that they are living the wrong life. Ask yourself is this life I want? Is this the place I want to be in? Is there another place better? Do I want to become someone else? When you do not live the life you want, you will tire very quickly.

With that fatigue is not a stop sign, it’s a sign telling you to move.

Where Do I Start?

One of the common mistakes when trying to achieve an objective is that we overwhelm all possibilities. Stop it. You have to learn if you want to achieve something, you have to move with small steps. And not one giant step.

The best thing to do when you start making a big, life, It is done step by step. Before you know it, you’re already there.

It Is Hard to Make This Dream

Imagine if all people thought that. There were no successful people like Bill Gates, Stephen King. All dreams seem impossible in your mind, but they are not.

Dreams become a reality for those who continue to persevere, and those who never stop fighting.

“All things are possible for those who believe in themselves remember this clause well, life is short, do you want to live simple life or do you want to live an exceptional, life without limits and without remorse? You chose”.

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