10 Ways A Holistic Sleep Specialist Can Help You

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Sleep is one of the most basic needs and when you cannot get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep, you simply don’t feel at our best.

If you struggle with sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea, you might consider seeing a holistic sleep specialist, as we understand that a sleep disorder is complex, and it requires customizing and individualized treatments.

Here are some ways in which a holistic approach to sleep can help heal even the most stubborn and long term sleep issues.

  1. We are able to differentiate many types of insomnia. Within the Chinese medicine system, we understand that insomnia can show up in over 14 different ways, and we treat it differently according to the findings. The treatment then is more focused and highly effective.
  2. We understand that testing various neurotransmitters can tell us why you cannot sleep and can provide exact steps for supplementation and balancing.
  3. If you know all the sleep hygiene tips but still cannot sleep, we take it forward. Listening and adjusting certain habits can make tremendous changes in the sleep pattern. The important thing is to have the guidance to know what to keep doing and what is not so important.
  4. Naps are widely misunderstood unfortunately, but when done correctly, they can pull a person out of the worst insomnia. Our bodies have a natural lowering of body temperature around 2pm, which makes us groggy, as well as a small amount of melatonin produced. When laying down for a nap, set a timer for 30 to 45 minutes, then the focus should be to simply rest. Make sure it’s always before 3pm.
  5. We understand how complex sleep apnea is and that’s why we don’t have a magic trick, but a bag of them. We look to strengthen the neck and tongue muscles with acupuncture, lower inflammation in the body, and provide herbs when needed.
  6. A large amount of neurotransmitters necessary for mood and sleep are produced in the gut. That’s why we always make sure that your digestion’s health is in great shape so then your brain is provided with the necessary amount of nutrients to function well.
  7. We look at the entire body and while we focus on your sleep getting better, your other symptoms will improve as well, such digestion issues, anxiety, depression, pain, hot flashes, and night sweats.
  8. The focus of a holistic treatment is to help you sleep on your own and while we use different therapies to get you better, most people will learn how to sleep well without any aids.
  9. Holistic sleep medicine is gentle, safe, and stimulates your own body’s capability to sleep, even if you’ve never been a “good” sleeper.
  10. You get to learn what your body needs to sleep well, stay happy and thrive.

Honoring the individuality of each person makes the job half done. In addition, keeping a sleep journal over a few weeks tends to pinpoint correlations that might affect the quality of the sleep. Then making the changes accordingly, might help, but on more stubborn cases, it is more effective when combined with acupuncture, sleep coaching, herbal medicine, therapy, or functional medicine.

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