Work discrimination among Latinos 

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Have you ever experienced work discrimination before ? Racial discrimination is treating an applicant or employee in favorably because they are of a certain race or because of personal characteristics associated with race like hair texture, or skin color. As for imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a ”fraud .” Due to a language barrier, it is one of the causes of work discrimination among Latinos , while the effects include imposter syndrome, prejudice in the work place and making them feel like an outsider based off their appearance.

One of the effects of work place discrimination is due to a language barrier. Which can cause many people to not hire them for that reason or to be rude based off of the language they speak. In the article “Latinos experiences with discrimination “ the Author Mark Lopez. Et al. Claims that , “ Over all, four – in – ten Latinos say they have experienced discrimination in the past year , such as being criticized for speaking Spanish or being told to go back to their home country. “ Which shows many people have to go through discrimination just because of what language they speak. It also illustrates that it is wrong for someone to tell a stranger to go back to go back to their home country due to the language they are speaking. In the united states Latinos go through a lot of discrimination due to their language ( discrimination and mental health among Latinos. ) Which shows that Latinos experience the greatest degree of discrimination.

Also in the article , “ language barriers cause problems.” they claim that , “ the federal civil rights act of 1964 covers discrimination based on foreign language , though it is an aspect of the law that has not been consistently enforced , said marcela urruita , a policy analyst .” Which shows that racial discrimination has been going on for a very long time and yet nothing has chanced and people still continue to discriminate. Yet there isn’t much that our government does for these people that are being missed treated by others. Some people don’t see it as a big issue but to the people that are being mistreated it is a big issue.These people are the ones with a language barrier and having to get mistreated because of it.

Another devastating effect is Latinos developing imposter syndrome. Which many Latinos develop mental illnesses due to discrimination. In the article “how imposter syndrome is holding you back at work .” Author Danielle paige , states that “ impostor syndrome contributes to psychological distress , continued self monitoring , increased self doubt and persistent fears of failure says psychologist dr. Audrey Ervin .” This shows that many people can develop self doubt and self monitoriting patterns due to people being judgemental and discrimination. This should be spoken of more frequently , so people can become more aware of this mental illness and know what they say and do can be hurtful and harmful. According to the author Anthony W Hoskin , latinos expericencing racial discrimination can lead to mental illness and higher rates of psychological distress. Which illustrates that people should be careful and not be judgements or discriminate because words can be harmful to someone. Especially because if it is just based on the way they look or its the languages they speak. Many come to this country for a better life for themselves and their kids , not for people to discriminate them.

Furthermore, another effect is prejudice in the workplace. In the article, they state that “ roughly a third of latinos report being personally discriminated against in the workplace or seeking housing.” Which proves that anyone can be prejudice anywhere and everywhere . According to the author of “discrimination against the need for civil rights lawyers in california.” Many people feel the need to not hire someone based on how they look or what race they are . Which shows many people hire someone or help someone based on their looks instead of their ability to do the job . Which shouldn’t happen at all , due to the fact that you should hire someone based off their skills not they way they look or their ethnicity.

Also in the article , “ Discrimination against hispanics in the work place,” The author states that “ According to cenus and other case studies , hispanics and latinos are the second most discriminated ethnic group in the united states.” which illustrates that there is a lot of people being discriminated against while at work or even buying groceries which shouldn’t happen at all . Over all, this shows that many people can be prejudice against anyone based on how they look or the language they speak .

Lastly, making latinos feel like an outsider due to their skin color is an effect of work place discrimination. According to the authors cyndy r. Snyder and malaika R. Schwartz, “ In 2014 , the equal employment opportunity commission reported over 46,700 charges of discrimination based on race , color and country of orgin in the past year. “ Which shows how many actually go through it and report it but how many actually get justice. Furthermore , According to NCBI latinos are the largest minority group in the united states so it comes with a lot of problems and hardships.(flippen) Which states that latinos go through a lot alone and racial discrimination is just one of the hardships that have to face when they shouldnt have to . Futhermore , it also shows that this all contributes to showing that latinos go through a lot with work discrimination and discrimination in general.

Over all, due to language barriers , impostor syndrome , prejudice in the work place and making latinos feel like an outsider are all effects of work discrimination. As a society we shouldn’t judge others due to the way they speak or how they look. As we wouldn’t want someone to do that to us. Instead of putting people down we should help one another and be patient and know that the united states of america is diverse. We should also educate our self in all of the different races that there is and not be judgemental just because someone doesn’t look the way we do .we should also be consistent on enforcing the federal civil rights act of 1964 . Which covers discrimination based on foregin language , yet we dont really enforce it as much as we should it is still a law . As well we should also be aware that the discrimination among latinos can cause mental illnesses and what people say can be hurtful to others.


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