Why I Need Nursing Scholarship

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Both of my parents are from Mogadishu, Somalia and they have only reached their High School level of education. So at a young age, my mother and father always pressured me about school and wanted me to consider a career in the medical field, preferably as a doctor. Although being a doctor was something I was never quite interested in, I felt like my passion has always been to help others in need and improving people’s lives on a daily basis.

Although a career in nursing was unknown for me from quite some time, my job as a Home Health Aid was a major influence in choosing my career in Nursing. At the age of 18, I worked as a Home Health Aid for individuals with developmental disabilities. This role gave me the opportunity to fully invest myself in the health and wellbeing of others really shaped my decision of becoming a Nurse.

I am very committed to taking the required courses needed to fulfill my goal of becoming a nurse although the cost of some of the nursing courses is not only holding me back from taking them. Even though I am a financial aid recipient, My family and I, unfortunately, have difficulty affording my college fees as every semester is more expensive than the last. This scholarship will definitely make a huge difference in my education. It will give me the opportunity to be able to take the nursing courses I need in order to graduate on time with my graduating class and will also take away my financial burden.

Receiving this scholarship will also allow me to focus more on my studies as well. I am currently a Patient Care Technician at Mount Carmel East Hospital working hard each week to help pay for my tuition. As both of my parents who work full time struggle to pay for my tuition, I try to help as much as can. This often brings a lot of stress because this could affect my goal of achieving higher grades and being able to graduate on time.

I am grateful for these scholarship opportunities that can assist students like myself who are continually working hard to try to receive an education in order to accomplish my goal. I will continue to endure and will keep working hard until I reach my career goals. I am hopeful to become one of your scholarship recipients so that I can continue on the road of becoming a Nurse. Thank you for considering my application.

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