Who and Why Is More Likely to Be Bullied

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The main causes of bullying can be identified by the process of victimization. students can get bullied just by being at the wrong place in a wrong time but mostly bullies choose their victims based on physical appearances and personality differences. It was stated that students who were differently abled had a high chance of victimization and to engage in more bullying perpetration than their peers without disabilities. Students who are different, for example disabled, popular, smarter, attractive, or children who are introverted, anxious or submissive, are most likely to get bullied. Bullies mostly target children who have Asperges, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia or any condition that sets them apart.

Young individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety also be more likely to get bullied cause those kids usually tend to be alone and make it an easy target for bullies. Since, these innocent victims are very vulnerable to the situation and are prone to take it in seriously they may fall into these bullies’ hands and be a prey for them, which eventually can make their health and mental condition deteriorate drastically and it could even lead to self-harming. In addition, kids who have different views on sexual orientation, for example being gay or transgender has a high chance to get bullied.

This is known as homophobic bullying. Kosiw (2004) stated that a recent nationwide survey of LGB youth reported that almost 40% denoted experiencing physical harassment and 64.3% reported feeling unsafe at their school because of their sexual orientation. Moreover, it is not uncommon for students to get bullied based on their religious beliefs too. Children may also get bullied for being in a specific race. mostly White students tend to target African-American students and bully them. These could be some of the major reasons for students to involve in bullying.

Moreover, A survey conducted in United States reports that bullying was more common and stronger among students, living with a single parent. This proves that family background of the victim and the bully can also be considered as one of the main causes for them to involve in bullying. A perpetrator can also choose a victim based on their social status including financial position of the victim. A poor family background student can easily get targeted by a bully because they cannot easily retaliate or tattle back.

In contrast, a bully cannot be blamed 100% because studies have found that these antogoniser come from violent family background. Bullies asserted that their families are low in warmth and, lack parental management skills (Pellegrini ,1998). Family situations and other violence, such as family violence can be a reason for the involvement in bullying and students who have a depressed life and are the only child to the family has more tendency to bully others at school so that they can have fun by dominating others. Thereby its a highlighting factor that family backgrounds of a child can play a major role on getting bullied or being a bully.

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