What Makes You Stay Up All Night

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Abnormality in sleep is caused by a sleep disorder. The sleep disorder could be insomnia, sleep apnea (where you stop breathing for a few seconds), sleep talking, being narcolepsy (not enough orexin being produced) etc. I suffer from insomnia and it’s just been recently that It has started. Insomnia is defined as “Lack of sleep.” It can be caused by stress, the temperature of your room (is it too cold or too hot), depression, or anything that can get your mind going. I used to get great sleep and I’ve always been a hard sleeper., It didn’t matter if I slept 4 hours or 8+ hours, I’d always wake up refreshed. I didn’t start suffering from insomnia until I had my daughter back in October.

I knew that becoming a mom would I would be signing up for sleep deprivation, but it’s not caused by my daughter. Since the day we have brought her home she has slept 8-10 hours throughout the night waking up once maybe twice to feed and go right back down till about 7/8 am. So, you would think that I would get sleep, but I don’t anymore, not like I used to. My brain is all sudden wired to be alert to every whimper, movement, noise or sound that my child makes. Most have told me to catch up on sleep when she naps but that’s easier said than done. I have a house, two dogs that need attention, part time work and now school. Also, she doesn’t nap during the day, never has. And if she does the nap will only last about 20 mins, if I am lucky once a week she will lay down for a 4 hour nap during the middle of the day but then I catch myself having that peaceful quiet, not worrying moment and it gives me the chance to have me time, clean the house and now learning how to make sure I don’t wait till last minute to do my school work.

I also just started back to work (part time for now) at the beginning of February and I am OCD about having a clean house, so I am having to change a schedule that I’ve done my whole life into a schedule that revolves around my child’s life. My biggest issue is night time. When everyone is asleep, I get the chance to have a peaceful or stressful night stuck in my mind making a list of everything that still needs to be done. Rather its cleaning the house the way I used to before she got here, to playing catchup on homework, or even just sitting down and catching up on my TV shows that I’ve missed so much or sitting in complete silence because everyone is asleep. I am slowly learning a new schedule that works for me while at the same time trying to get my body used to be a light sleeper and suffering from insomnia.


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