What is Patience?

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You can’t see me, nor can you hear me. You can’t feel me, or breathe me, yet I’m a key essential in the path of a happy, successful life. What am I?

You can find me within the kindergartener who waits his turn at the water fountain. You can find me within the teenager who resists the urge to text while driving. You can find me within the mother who doesn’t display frustration when her child spills his milk. You can find me within the nurse who consoles her elderly patient with a soothing voice and a kind word. Although you can find me in all of these places you cannot see me, hear me, or feel me, yet you subconsciously struggle with me every day. Using me wisely can help you achieve your biggest dreams and aspirations.

The runner who hits the track every day and runs his heart out makes use of me. He perseveres through the pain, the injuries, and the disappointments of losing. I am what keeps his eye on the prize. I am what lands him a spot on the Olympic team. I am what will ensure him a win. Because of me he arrives at the starting line completely focused and in a state of calm determination. He leans down placing his hands precisely on the line, and feet firmly on the blocks. From now until the gun fires can seem like an eternity; he needs me now more than ever. Absence of me at this crucial time will cost him all of his dreams. What am I?

​The sniper, perched atop the building requires an immense amount of me. He’s crouched between two walls trying to remain unseen; he needs me. Breathing heavy seems to be the only option under such stress, but with my help, shallow, inconspicuous breaths will be exhaled. He waits and waits until the signal is given. His focus, determination, and train of thought cannot be stalled. He controls his breathing, stopping his heart beat so that his shot is fired without the slightest tremor. His commander tells him to prepare his shot; he needs me now more than ever. I’m all he has; “Ready, aim, fire.” What am I?

​The woman crouched over helping the dyslexic child understand math turns to me repeatedly. With my help she’ll never give up no matter how frustrated she gets. I’ll be with her when she continually re-explains the simple problem. I’ll guide her, pace her, and make her realize that with my help she’s going to be successful. She needs me. Her job is impossible without me. What am I?

​The doctor who suits up for a twelve hour surgery requires me. I’ll be with him though every incision, every stitch, and every move. He needs me to be effective. I’ll be with him through every second of every minute of every hour. I’ll remind him that his task requires focus, precision, and skill, and with me he will be successful. Without me he will fail. What am I?

​I am found within the best of the best, the smartest of the smart, the kindest of the kind, and the happiest of the happy. I can’t move, I can’t touch, I can’t see, but I am here. I speak methodically without ever speaking at all, I guide without ever extending a hand, and I encourage without ever showing my presence. What am I?

I am patience.


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