What is Pathos

Updated April 25, 2022

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What is Pathos essay

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Pathos is a quality that evokes pity or sadness. Tn the opening frame of the commercial pictures a pathological connection to the main characters of the ad, the audience is introduced to a Labrador retriever puppy carried to his new home by his owner (Luke). The puppy is the domain character to make the audience fall for the adorable and playful puppy. Throughout the commercial, Luke and Cooper establish a strong bond, by showing the audience that Luke takes Cooper everywhere he goes supporting the phrase “A man’s best friend”. The upbeat and heartwarming music in the background support their positive friendship, and describes how the two “were made for love”.

The audience is captivated into a sentimental appeal where the man and the dog envision life by each other’s side forever, but there’s a point in the commercial where the relationship between them is threatened. At first the separation begins in the middle of the commercial, after they’ve been on multiple adventures together. Luke’s friend invite him to go enjoy the nightlife. There is a clear shot of a man is carrying a case of Budweiser beverages out the door, which raises the audience suspicion whether he will be driving while consuming alcohol. During this scene, the background lyrics of “I’ll be waiting here for you when you come home to me” are foreshadowing the experience Cooper will be facing in upcoming frames. Cooper is transformed from a happy, carefree dog into a lonely disheartened dog left abandoned in the house. As the commercial continues, it shows how Cooper is constantly checking the window as a car drives by hoping it’s Luke coming home, eventually he cries himself to sleep.

The text follows, “For some, the waiting never ended”, making the audience feel as if Luke passed away in a drinking and driving accident. A few seconds later, the audience is enlightened by the text “But we can change that,” making the audience reassured of his safety . Cooper is happy and jumping as he hears the familiar sound of the front porch door opening, and Luke hugging Cooper saying he wasn’t able to drive at night, so he spent the night at Dave’s. When the owner returned Budweiser states in their message that drinking and driving do not mix. The next text displays after the reunion of Cooper and Luke urges the audience to “ Make a plan to make it home”. The dog’s loneliness builds to the conclusion of the advertisement, where Budweiser successfully delivers the message. Without Budweiser’s descriptive and sentimental advertisement, the audience would never interpret the actual tone presented, especially with a beautiful dog that is a dominant in this advertisement.

What is Pathos essay

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