Mysterious Hijacker in Boeing 727 Flight 305

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The mystery of D.B. Cooper all originated on November 24, 1971, when he took flight 305, but what he did leave many people confused. The motivation behind D.B.Cooper idea of having everyone in flight 305 captive could be for many motives. There were many unsure possibilities why D.B.Cooper did such a thing, the possibility that anyone thought this was going to happen, the lack of safety in a plane, and the main reason, money.

Who is D.B.Cooper and what importance does he have in history? D.B.Copper was one of the first in history to ever hijack a plane. However, D.B.Cooper was just a name to cover up the real identity behind the person who created an unsolved mystery for several years. With this being said nobody ever expected such a tragedy to happen in a regular everyday plane.

This was an abnormal day for many people and also a frightening day. The lack of safety left many open doors for D.B.Cooper to escape and possibly get out alive, that’s if he knew exactly how. According to Al McGuigan, a former army member stated that in order to jump off an aircraft he must have some basic understanding of night jumps and parachuting and someone who can see the ‘bomb’ immediately. (Missoulian) He also states that Cooper must have been well alerted because he was able to prey down on one of the flight attendants who had to forcibly obey what he had to say in midflight. (Missoulian)

Cooper had taken training of skyjacking and skydiving which gave him a better understanding and position when the time came to jump off. The aircraft 727 had a passengers ramp at the back of the plane helping him tremendously at the time he had instructed the flight attendants to open the ramp this way he would be more safely secured with his skyjacking plan. (Missoulian)

This all help form an exit for him. Now the most obvious reason why D.B.Cooper caused this event was for money. $200,000 to be exact. ( Muskia Farnsworth) Now today that amount of money is rounded up to be around 1 million. ( Muskia Farnsworth)D.B.Cooper had taken a parachute for himself and one for the money, after asking for the large amount of randsome he grabbed the suitcase filled with money next to his chest and jumped off leaving no trace behind. To be specific, Cooper had asked for small bills, not large ones leaving many confused.

This might have been to not blow his cover when he went to go exchange the money. (Muskia Farnsworth) To this day there is no sure answer of who D.B.Cooper is but there is some suspects that are still being asked and reviews to later release it completely to the public view to see. However, there is one suspect who takes the lead for all. Walter Rica is the primary suspect behind the identity of D.B.Cooper. (Ian Shapira)

After he passed away Laurin had spoke with his niece about Cooper’s confession being D.B.Cooper. (Ian Shapira) However, D.B.Cooper had told his friend to not tell anyone about his secret until he had passed away that way he wouldn’t be a guest of the county. (D.B.Cooper Mystery Solved) In an interview with D.B.Coopers best friend Carl Laurin, he stated that D.P.Coopers real name was indeed Walter Reca and his pure intentions was purely for money.(D.B.Cooper Mystery Solved)

Overall the main suspect is Reca Walter, however it is still a mystery because there is still another suspect who is being checked upon to see whether or not that person is D.B.Cooper. Either way D.B.Cooper had his ways to get what he needed and there is enough evidence showing he was going for the money indeed with the help of people not exposed to such an event and the lack of safety in the plane.


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