What if Google is Making Us Stupid

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When is the last time that you have planned a trip to somewhere that you have never traveled to before and relied on your GPS, to direct you to your destination? It used to be where you had to learn to read a map, and use it as guidance. Not anymore. All you have to do now is say Google, gps me to wherever you plan to travel. It will tell you the nearest restaurants to where you will be residing, the next rest area and also how far you can travel before you will be able to gas up your vehicle all you have to do drive and listen to instructions. Not only is Google good for traveling purposes, it is also good for math, auto spell correcting; it is also good for anything that you need it for. It is no secret that the internet has definitely revised our way of thinking to the point that it has truly affected the way that the average person process their information; however even though we greatly depend on the internet(Google) for the majority of our tasks; personally my feelings towards that it making us dumber is negative.

As recent as January 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, discovered “Google” while they were doing a research project and stumbled upon a website that now has the world fundamentally depended upon on it. The majority of the world is now practically run by the internet. People all over the world use the internet several times daily in one way or another. We use it for viewing the weather, keeping up with the latest news, to listen to music, to view and save dates, to do researches which relates to our assignments. Just to name a few of the benefits of our internet usage. Prior to their discovery we had gotten in the swing of learning how to do long mathematic problems the long way, we had to learn the correct spellings of our everyday words that we used, we also had to occasionally pull off the road to view our maps to make sure that we were traveling in the right directions or ask someone if we were lost. All of those issues have been illuminated since we have become depended upon the internet to do all of our tasks that we at one time had to use our brains to figure out. What do you think the average person would do if Google, calculators and GPs all became extinct? As for me and the majority we would be lost. In a sense I do feel like “ Google” has made us stupid. Because now the vast majority of humans has adjusted to taking short cut, or we are requesting technology to do all of our work for us. Most people cannot tell you the last time that they actually had patience enough to sit down and solved a large numbered arithmetic problem by using long methods, or took the time to look up a word in the dictionary or a definition or a correct spelling.

Just look back into the past when the older generation were able to find their directions by noticing the subtle changes in the wind, by watching small dust storms patterns or monitoring animals behaviors to as predictions of which way the wind was blowing or weather predictions. Now all we want to do is talk into a device and demand it to respond to our request.

Interesting as it may be that you would be surprised of how much dust our dictionaries have accumulated in our bookshelves because we longer have much use for them anymore. Even elementary child need help with homework the first thing that they do is grab a phone and look up the information that they want, jot down the answers and go about their business.

Marx and Engels wrote in the communist manifesto that “machine had not saved us from slavery; they had become a means of enslavement.” Nicolas Carr, acknowledge that technology often do enhance and assist us with our human skills; however, he makes a compelling case that our relationship with them is not as positive as we believe that they are.

As long as our computers are operable everything is good; but as soon as something happens to our device this is when we get stupid. Google has simply changed the way that we handle and store our information; so its effect makes us good at remembering where to find given information, but not necessarily what the information was. We no longer attempt to store information in our memory to the same degree that we used to, because we know that the internet knows it all, if we need answers it we have to do is ask “Google”, or the internet in general and they will respond to our every needs. Unfortunately, thanks to Larry Page and Sergey discovery “Google has made us stupid”.

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