Western and Non Western Art

Updated August 26, 2021

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Western and Non Western Art essay

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Non-western art and western art are very diverse in terms of mediums used, practices of the arts, aesthetic applications and principles, diverse cultures, philosophy and religion. Non-western art is the art that isn’t developing from North America or European principles, history and art. It includes African art, South American art, the Middle East art and both east and south East Asia.

Differences between Non-Western Art and Western Art

Difference in the medium of the artistic work

A large portion of the western works of art uses canvas mediums while many non-western nations, for example, Japan and Korea utilize thinner rice papers. Western culture additionally utilizes models, such as sculptures, while non-western nations, for example, Africa utilizes textiles, woodwork, and beadworks as their mediums.

Differences in aesthetic

Western art esteems to create making a two-dimensional artistic creation into a 3-dimensional space illusion. They plan to portray the genuine picture of the human body. A Non-western nation art doesn’t really concentrate on the human structure but rather centers around geometric examples. Western nations additionally think about utilizing shading while non-western nations esteem the utilization of calligraphy in their artworks.

Differences in culture

Culture generally influences art and assumes a bigger job to decide the quality and kind of artistic items. The art is or might be influenced by music, social traditions, writing, nourishment, topographical area, and dialects. Non-western nations consider art to be shared and their way of life centers around the general public and the family. Western culture considers art as an individual work as confirm by the self-expressive nature in their art items.

Philosophical and religious differences

Western art has for the most part been affected by Christianity. Asian art has been capably impacted by Buddhism. Islamic art thinks about the utilization of geometric examples to speak to the idea of Allah, endless God.

Why is it Important to Study Non-Western Art?

To understand the art language

Most of the non-western social orders need composed theater, melodies, stories and dialects which are methods for passing on messages and data are about their creation fantasies, their history, amusement, and their profound quality stories. Contemplating their art comprehends non-western nations better.

Learn Abstract designs of non-western art products

Absence of human structure because of restrictions implies Islamic engineering and art center more around their dialect subsequently more obvious them. Non-literal pictures and edited compositions are the vessels for artistic articulations.

To learn their contemporary arts

Contemporary arts are for the most part developing in non-western nations as it does in the western art nations. Learning non-western art assists with trying different things with the customary arts and fabricate them.


Non-western nations colonized by Europeans in collaboration both the European art and style creating the combination artifacts. The combination items are altogether powerful.

Is it Necessary to Distinguish between the Two?

Truly, it is vital and critical to recognize the two to permit us to increase the comprehension of various societies around the globe and how they vary. This additionally encourages us to separate the various kinds of artifacts on the planet. Recognizing the two causes us insider information on various markets on the planet. It likewise comprehends various religions, societies, materials used to make art, reason, and structure.

Compare and contrast non-Western and European painting. For example, explain the attitude of traditional Chinese painters towards space, the picture surface, ambiguity and inscriptions. How does this differ from paintings done by Western European painters? Select two works of art as examples in your response.


From the two societies, compositions are done to pass some data. It is additionally done because of motivation from their religions and culture. The geological area additionally influences and impacts painting in the two societies. Strict and philosophical contrasts impact painting in both non-western and European compositions.


Non-western artworks for example in China and Korea were done on thin rice papers while western works of art were for the most part done on canvas. Non-western artworks are accomplished for shared, society and family purposes everywhere while western artistic creations are as individual work and for self-pride. Non-western artworks, for example, china is finished with a similar cadence, agreement, and development whether they speak to human figures or scenes. Chinese painter considers using structures in nature, for example, geometric lines, ovals, and circles in the relationship to a creature and human figures.

Chinese painters likewise spend more hours drawing motivations and considering from numerous figures of nature, for example, the cricket-its strong legs, delicate wings of hummingbirds and the immersing type of the praying mantis. From what they pick in their artwork subjects, they dedicate their energies and appreciate delivering humble works of art. It’s hostile for the Chinese painter to excogitate and make drawings and portrayals of the human figure works of art. Chinese canvases are loaded with an agreement and in a straightforward organization, harmony with all creation and adjusted. They are worried about the state of mind and soul of their artworks.

Western and Non Western Art essay

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