We Should Prevent Environment Pollution

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How much longer can we go before our rivers, streams, and the ocean becomes so polluted that all life ceases to exist? Pollution and disregard for the environment has become a trend within today’s society. We chose still to toxically and carelessly indulge in hurtful and disrespectful acts of negligence despite the effects it is having on the conditions that we live in. Due to the common occurrence of these careless acts we are forced to endure the repercussions. I believe that we the keepers of the Earth need to begin using provided alternatives instead of damaging it beyond recognition.

Over the years it has been made apparent that humans are inflicting damage on the environment, disregarding the effects it as on not only our common home but the living conditions of all and continue to do so obnoxiously. It is so important that we uphold the standards that we had in the beginning, as its required that we appreciate the gift that we were given and instead of mis-treating it, we show consideration and compassion towards the beauty and aesthetic values of the environment. The rate of pollution can affect the environment and can also be noticed from a prediction of what the pollution rates will show in the years to come.Every year more that 6 billion kilograms of garbage is dumped into the world’s oceans.

Imagine this, you’re flying above the Great Barrier Reef you look below you expecting to see crystal clear blue water with an abundance of marine life, but instead you look down only to see that the ocean is crawling with pollution. A once amazingly aesthetic environment completely destroyed by pollution. Are you proud of what you’ve done? No big deal, only the entire Great barrier reef small price to pay for our negligence? (Australia’s Great Natural Wonder.

The amount of pollution is increasing dramatically and ignorance if futile. By denying the issue it allows us to pathologically believe that we are not endangering anyone or anything. These stereotypical remarks are what is affecting the possibility of people feeling obligated to show compassion toward the environment and others health and well being. At the moment we are only in the early stages of completely destroying our home but think about the excessive increase that pollution has taken. By the year 2030 our world will have a higher capacity of pollution then it does the desperately desired land for our growing population.

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