Utterly Humbled by Mystery

Updated May 19, 2021

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Utterly Humbled by Mystery essay

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In Richard Rohr’s essay Utterly Humbled by Mystery, he talks about how he finds comfort in believing in mystery and multiplicity. He also talks about being certain in his faith, but at peace with his inability to have answers to everything.

Rohr does a good job at discussing the mysteries that surrounds conversations people have when talking about God. The bible has many examples of things that we as people will never be able to solve or perceive correctly. I believe the point of that is because the conversations are left open for people to perceive things in the way that they choose to. We as people may also read something and relate it to many other things besides the one concrete idea.

The Bible tells us “lean not to our own understanding.”, “the Lord will direct our paths.”, and “it rains on the just and unjust alike.” The concept of time comes to mind when thinking about this. God knows the ending to all of our stories, but we still operate in a free will setting where we choose salvation with our faith. We cannot predict the outcomes for every choice and decision we make. The only thing we have to look forward to is the new adventures and opportunities that each day has awaiting us.

As humans, we crave always wanting to know what the next thing to happen is or trying to understand the world around us. We seek out answers for every question we have, which is encouraged of young people to do. It allows us to challenge authority and question what others tell us to believe as our truth or facts. It is important to understand things that can result in us having a deeper appreciation for them.

Religion should not be an exception to this rule because our faith can deepen when we seek answers to our questions. However, every answer will not always reflect a logical answer. Therefore, people as Christians should not allow that to ruin the bond they have with God because his will power will always be a mystery.

As someone who is a Christian, I can attest that I do believe in mystery and multiplicity. Mystery protects us from daily temptations that God intends for us to do knowing that we could jeopardize his plan.

We wish to always understand and seek answers that may answer what is going on, why we were put in a certain situation, and what was the point of it. Always trying to search for the “why?” within the world. It is impossible to know the answer to everything. Mystery in God and his will and power keeps us interested in wanting to know more.

Utterly Humbled by Mystery essay

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