Understanding the Political Ideology of Federalism and the Role of the Federal Government

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The United States Constitution was signed in 1787 and created a federal system of government which is a system where power is shared between national government and several state governments. Federal and State government have an executive, a legislative, and a judicial branch. Both of them elect governors for four-year terms and have limited number of terms. Many North American cultures are under a federal system of government because federalism has a rich and influenced history among North American people and other parts of the world. Federalism is unique in its own way. It includes a combination of general government and regional governments in the generally accepted political system. Federalism is powerful but has some disadvantages. For example, it pays less attention to the problems of small regions. Because of that, people rely on state government and believe that it will justify their expectations of their difficulties. The state level of government should be supreme because the majority of citizens state that it addresses people’s needs, usually work fast to get things done, and it is a mostly honest level of government compare to federal. The Constitution of the United States has a long and interesting history which lasted for many years. It was written in 1787 and covered dates from May 25 to September 17 to be completely finished in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by 55 delegates. It includes laws of the U.S. federal system.

The original copy of the United States Constitution stored in the National Archives in Washington D.C. It was created to compromise conflicts of slavery, equality and people’s rights. Federalism has changed dramatically over the history of American citizens. There are three forms of federalism such as Marble, Layer, and Flan. Each of them has own inclination. Marble is a form of federalism where there is a mix of power, programs among the national state. Layer is a form of federalism where there is clear outline between state and local government. Flan is a form of federalism which is acting between Marble and Layer. Another word, it is a solution or compromise between those two forms of federalism. In the beginning, there was dual federalism which was in power before the Civil War because there were a lot of state powers. After the Civil War, there was more trust and loyalty to US government, subsequently, cooperative federalism was adopted which gave the federal government power and control. There are a lot of benefits to federalism. It leads to political stability; it ensures separation of powers providing liberty. Analyzing different resources online and news around state and federal government we can see that majority of people are on state government side.

The reason is that state is oriented more on local people who reside at that state. Not all states are the same and what works for one state might not work for another. We can see it, for example on fireworks. There are states that will not allow any fireworks due to high risk of wildfires and there are states for who it doesn’t matter. Same story goes for variety of reason – benefits, low and high taxes, guns, voting fraud and illegal immigration. One of the examples on illegal immigration happened in Arizona which passed the law on immigration back in 2010. State government required state and local police to check anyone they reasonably suspect to be illegal. Arizona officials were trying to protect its people from thousands of illegal immigrants who were bringing drug trafficking and other crimes in the area. State said that federal government is not doing its job to protect them that’s why they had to take it to their own hands. In the end Arizona was still under attack of immigrants and under attack from President Obama and department of Justice. I really liked one article where they compare state government to the free market. You can shop at the free market and choose the product that fits your needs and can benefit your family! It’s all about personal values and people would have a choice to live where they think is right for their family. As they will no case by case for every state and if they disagree with once state on some values they can move to the one that will support their beliefs.

Also, the state government is more responsive to the people of their state and can address any issues, problems faster than if it is on the federal level. There are instances when the federal government should be involved in solving problems for the whole country, for example fighting against terrorism, support international relations, and there are problems that need to be resolved on the local level where the state can help the majority of their people. The smaller territory is far easier to take care of than dealing with the whole country. If the state gets involved resolving their issues/problems than it would get resolved much quickly than taking it to the federal level. We don’t have to always seek support from federal to resolve one state issue.

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