Transmission of Food Data and Cooking Technics

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Continuity in food apply is quality application of food data that doesn’t stop or modification as time passes. The method of continuation of food apply routine always involves mother because the transfer comes from them and passes to their children. Sharif, Zahari, Nor, and Muhammad (2013) expressed that the contribution of food data transfer from mothers is incredibly necessary in long lasting survival of the ethnic food traditions and identity. The mothers were usually passing down the data once their kids were reaching adolescents stage because the mother believed they’d ability to apply the food data.

The ingredients, preparation, ways of preparation, instrumentation and preparation skills are being discovered throughout the food data transmission. The mothers typically pay time throughout holidays and celebration day like Hari Raya to pay time handing down the food tradition to the young generation. The food apply transmissible from the relation will be continuing once they gain data (experience, data and skill) from the preparation knowledge method.

The success of food continuity showed when their children especially daughters keep in contact with their mother to know the ingredients, preparations, way to prepare by through the phone, so that she can prepare the food for her family same as her mother did when she was young. Sharing of the food data that was passing from elder to younger generation not an easy task like we doing the task given in our career, it need both side, elder and younger generation to getting involve in food preparation (Chenhall,2011; Md. Nor et al., 2012; Sharif, Nor, & Zahari, 2013).

Food Knowledge Transmission

Over past decades, based on Chenhall (2011), a transition or transmission in meals education are located to have an essential have an impact on healthy consuming. The character conduct take part in the food preparations have to adjust with the wholesome social environment and modern-day technologies that had simplified the food practise procedures (Engler & Stringer, 2011).

Chenhall (2011) added that most common challenges in transmitting and beautify cooking and food training capabilities amongst younger generations within the context of households consist of time, individual or family food choice. Because of that, restricted literatures have particularly find the medium or elements that work alongside with meals information transmission like food preparation, cooking method, cooking skill and food decorations (Bugge, 2003; Chenhall, 2011).

The medium of meals understanding transmissions such as observing, task given (helper assistance), recipe analysing and practicing are believed to be crucial factors in food transmission procedures (Bugge, 2010; Kamaruddin, Zahari, Radzi, & Ahmat, 2010; Langgat, Zahari, Yasin, & Mansur, 2011; Short, 2003). Many students argue that any transmission approaches or earlier practices can be done, adaption that be counted involved should be the first occurred (Lang & Caraher, 2001; Short, 2003; Warde, Cheng, Olsen, & Southerton, 2007). Adaptation in fact is a key that enabled people to apprehend different individual’s skills, understanding and experience.

This method opened the way for individual to familiarize and alter the new understanding reap which will lead or impact them to practice or utilize it (Cordes, 2004). In the context, food knowledge adaptation is the evolutionary process for a man or woman either keep the same, modified or change their cooking abilities and customs to healthy food in to a modern-day vogue and demand (Boyd & Richerson, 2006) and adaptation is intently related with practices (Boyd & Richerson, 2006). Chenhall (2011) also identified 5 elements that influence the way of life of cooking and food preparation that practices within at home or family environment. These include:

  • Increasing the availability of food ingredients (basic raw and processed);
  • Using the technology advance for food storage, cooking and preparation, the changes in result of the knowledge level also the skill to cook;
  • Change time and economic demands or realities associated to labor market participation;
  • Change family priorities also their values;
  • Decreased possibilities for cooking and food practise skill acquisition both within the home and public training environments

The Challenges in Sustaining the Traditional Food

Zahari et al. (2011) explained that science development inside the room, has added a brand new dimension to the food industry. The use of current instrumentality is identified due to the fact the catalyst for higher education and cookery to fulfill the demand and grant within the habitation trade. Moreover, the applications of these ultra-modern technologies additionally facilitate the Malay prepare dinner in changing the trendy cookery strategies to the fashionable environment which may facilitate their cookery and speed up the time of cookery.

However, Short (2003) admit that modern day technologies have an effect on immediately the people’s talents to cook. this is frequently supported by way of Zahari et al. (2011) find out about that in line with Li, precept and Saito (2004), the basic food practices square measure on the verge of being misplaced thanks to the modernization of food carrier industries within the industrial production atmosphere like hotels and restaurants.

As conclusion, this will also be summarized that an excessive quantity of obsessed on trendy technologies that should be make as contribution to the decline of cookery competencies among the chefs. Despite the utilization of present day instrumentality and technologies, a study by Engler-Stringer (2010) also speculate that modifications in cookery skills consists of a direct end result from reliance on processed food. In addition, Engler-Stringer (2010) also mentioned that influences from globalizations, dynamic manufacturing and process strategies, the enlargement of prepared processed prepared meals and expand in take-out foods rectangular measure all integral motives why food education practices square measure dynamic (Lang and Caraher, 2001).

At a comparable time, Stead et al. (2003) claimed that terribly low meals good abilities would possibly restrict a person’s capability to take care of primary food preparation. This is frequently contrary to the proper truth that Malay meals desires one to own smart cookery practices in getting prepared the preferred food because it entails with a numerous tedious food preparation. These interpretations supply partner utmost indication that future technological know-how might cast off the necessity for skillful labor in trade thanks to the technique of financial process. Aside from that, Zahari et al. (2011) disclosed that meals modification or adjustments rectangular measure influenced through the new fashion in consumption.

This motive the findings by using Warde et al. (2007) that dynamic of the food habits had arisen from declining family meals, the erosion of national cooking traditions and consequently the growth of convenient and speedy foods. Moreover, they additionally confused that the weather of intake follow like ingredients, meal contents, companions, temporal employer and sources of labor nevertheless supply the changes in meals habits. This improvement raises some indispensable issue whether or no longer these influences might have an effect on the Malay chef’s practices in getting geared up the general food because it could be a count number of ignoring the general components in Malay meals rather of including to that.

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