Tragic Life of Edgar Allan Poe

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The life story of Edgar (Allan) Poe was tragic it began in Boston Missursion in January 12, 1809 19th century. Poe was born during emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is waging war across Europe. Unlike most children Poe never had a stable home, the family was poor and dirty.

By 1811, his father abandoned his mother Elizabeth to raise poe when he was 2 years old and his older brother Henry and sister Rosalie. But soon thing s gotten worse when both his mother and father died of tuberculosis a lung disease on December 8, 1811. Soon he lost his brother to alcoholism. At the time the first railroad being pulled by horses and only states back then, soon he gets a foster family the Allans and that is when Edgar poe Became Edgar (Allan) Poe he would alway be writing horror, poetry, short stories, mysteries, and macable. His foster mother loved him but his foster father never approved he was a banker so when his foster mother past away along with his sister Rosalie because of tuberculosis his foster father sent his away so Poe went to live with his cousin.

Poe got married at 24 to his cousin Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe who was only 13 years old. Poe loved her with all his heart but his happiness soon end when she died at 24 because of tuberculosis witch was very depressing because he lost every girl in his life and he never remarried.Poe mostly had a very depressing life so it must be the reason why he wrote horror and mystery novels. Poe became a novelist and a famous one too. The most popular novel he wrote was the ¨Raven¨ witch was world wide, became the Father Of Modern Detective Novel, he mostly used Macabre a writing style of horror and mystery. On night Poe died mysteriously in a bar drinking but no one knows the cause of his death they just found him sitting there dead with a drink near him.

In Conclusion as you can see Edgar Allan Poe had a tragic life it was a lot like a roller coaster the was many ups and downs. Poe had a unstable home, unstable family, was his family members die right before his eyes like his mother, father, sister, brother and even lost his wife that he loved dearly, every girl in his life was gone, and his foster father never liked him for some reason. You may have a good life others not so much because Edgar Allan Poe was one of them.


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