Time is Greedy

  • Updated July 27, 2023
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‘Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events.’ While this is a true statement, time can be a scary topic. Time is greedy. It takes and takes the hours, minutes, and seconds of every day away. The more you sit around waiting for the good in the world, the more time you waste. The great moments, the worst moments, the unnecessary moments are taken and you have to move forward in your own life. You watch people suffer, you feel pain, you feel love; and, you do not understand that those few moments will never come back.

While time takes, time is, also, giving and generous. Without time, how would we meet the people in our lives that make a difference? The people in our lives that change us as people and the people in our lives that make us grateful. There are 1.65 billion people in the world, and those very few people who touch our souls make it worth it. All of it. Not only the people in our lives, but the events that occur in our personal lives that teach us a few things. Teach us the true meaning of life and the true meaning of love. Time gives us the gift of learning and understanding ourselves and the people around us.

My friend once came to me, upset about losing her family member. She began to desire another moment to tell her mommom that she loved her. She wanted that time back to call her up and ask for one more hug. A thought developed in my mind that time is greedy because of a similar situation that had just sprung in my family. The only difference between both our situations was that my family member did not die. Time saved him.

Those few extra minutes of talking and working through problems, saved his life. I am beyond grateful to have time back with my loved one that we almost lost. While my friend did not have this luck within her family, she did have amazing memories that led to a sense of love and a connection between the two of them. Time is good. Without time, my friend would not have sought another chance to see this family member because there would have never been any moments to remember. She had countless amazing memories with her mommom that will be forever held in her heart.

Time is greedy. Yes, it is. Time is giving. Yes, it is. Time is continuous. It is endless. Every moment you waste, is a moment you cannot get back. Stop living life without any effort. Start making results that will fill your heart with happiness and love. 1.65 billion people in the world. Somewhere in that pile of men, women, and children, are people who see that spark in your eyes. These people are there to make your time valuable. But, if you do not find these people right away, do not lose hope in yourself. Find your self-worth. Take advantage of time. Change the world.


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