Three Health Concerns

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The purpose of the study was to determine the top three health concerns and health information preference of male individuals in the military. The sample included 15 male individuals who are military members that are currently active duty ages 17-25. They were asked to fill out a survey to determine how they preferred to learn about certain healthcare topics from their three major health concerns to answer the following research questions: 1) what are the most common health concerns of the target population? And 2) what are the information sources that are preferred by the target population?

Surveys were distributed by the researcher to those who identified as part of the target population. The following survey asked the target population to list their top three major health concerns also to then gave a list of information sources to rank in preference from 1 (least preferred) to 10 (most preferred), with an option to fill-in and their option. The following categories included newspaper, brochure/pamphlet, radio, television, website, online video, and social media.

A total of 15 participants listed three major health concerns, in order from greatest to least amount of concern were Injury or Pain Management indicated as a major health concern by a total of 11 participants, 5 participants indicated Mental Health, 4 participants indicated Cancer and/or Obesity, 3 participants indicated Death, Diabetes, and/or High Blood Pressure, 2 participants indicated Tobacco Use, Heart Disease, and/or High Cholesterol, and 1 participant indicated Drinking, Healthy Eating Habits, and/or Epilepsy.

Average preference for health information learning media, in order from the least to most preferred were Newspaper Article (3.6 average), Radio Message (4.5 average), Brochure/Pamphlet (4.9 average), Social Media (5.7 average), Written Website (5.9 average), Television Message (6 average), Online Video (6 average), with “Word of Mouth Friends/Family” added by three (4 average), and “In Class or Videos/Articles of Health/Fitness Professionals” added by three (5.7 average).

The results of this survey will be utilized to adjust the clinics structure and change the health professional forces to work towards a better patient-centered care. The most common forms of major health concerns among the following 15 active duty military members were injury/pain management, mental health, cancer and/or obesity. The participants prefer to learn from online videos, television message, and/or written website.

Those who added a resource in the category word of mouth friends/family and in class or videos/articles of health/fitness professionals indicated that these methods would be more preferred over certain health information learning media but not all. The data suggest that in order to attain the attention of the target population, the team of health professionals must be able to do so through professional service announcements and websites.

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