This I Believe: Be Yourself

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I believe that people should be who they really are, but not to pretend to become someone else. What does it mean to be who you are? It is not what you want to be that makes you special, but it’s how God made you that shows your true colors and makes you unique. A lot of people in this world are trying to impress others or even trying to fit in. It’s better to be ourselves, literally. When you are being yourself then other people will respect you and love you for who you are.

I believe we shouldn’t be a “copy” of others. When I was in junior high school. I was struggling to overcome the fear of being judged than just being myself. I didn’t appreciate what I had. When I use to hang out with a group of so-called friends, I acted just like them. I thought that if I didn’t follow them, I wouldn’t be accepted by them as a friend. It is ridiculous that you are trying to be someone else, as you become a faceless person with no identity.

I believe that we should learn to refuse. I used to be a girl with low self-confidence. I often feel nervous about antagonizing others, so I tend to meet others’ needs more than my own. As you become a “people-pleaser,” your self-worth may depend on the things that you have done for others. People around you expect you to be there for them all the time and comply with their wishes. Being unable to say “no” makes me feel stressful, exhausted and fractious. I decided to break this vicious circle. Now, I can refuse others in a delicate way without feeling guilty. In some ways, being myself makes my life easier.

I believe in inner beauty. Beauty is held on the inside rather than the outside. Physical appearance is beyond the things that you can control. However, your personality is something that you can control over. It is impossible to control your appearance completely. You cannot control how tall you are, how big your eyes are, or even the shape of your face. Therefore, I don’t judge people by their outer appearances, since we have no choice in how we can be look like. I believe the plastic surgery should not be completed for wanting better appearances.

I believe that reputation and wealth don’t make us who we are. Instead, being who we really are makes us a better person. Living up to other people’s expectations or comparing ourselves to the looks and abilities of others is not such a right mindset. Although our life doesn’t always turn out exactly as our expectation, but by trying our best to realize our potential, we can be our own hero. This I believe in.

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