Updated January 30, 2023

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Suggested Work Schedule of the Human Resource Director

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The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Suggested Work Schedule of the Human Resource Director essay
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From the employees’ perspective, the proposed work schedule will enable employees to pack more hours into a single day. This will help full-time employees have more weekends and day off. As a result, they will have fewer working days per week reducing their total expenses incurred in each week such the cost of commuting to and from work. Consequently, they can take advantage of the extra days and weekend off to pursue their hobbies and self-care.

However, the proposed work schedule of the human resource director may have a few drawbacks in that, not every employee will be able to effectively adapt to a 12-hour shift schedule. Thus, if employees were used to working shorter shifts, working for a 12-hour shift might prove difficult to them, or rather they may take a couple of weeks to adapt to the work schedule. As a result, the quality of their performance may be affected before they fully adapt to the schedule.

The suggested work schedule will enable Building Products Inc. increase its productivity and subsequently its profits. A 12-hour shift will mean that the firm will be operating 24 hours and hence, they will be no wasted hours. This will improve the company’s substantial savings. Nonetheless, this work schedule possesses greater challenges of sustaining vigilance and thus impacting the effectiveness of the employees and by extension the overall performance of the company.

Why I Recommend the New Work Schedule

I would highly commend the firm to adopt the rotating shifts work schedule. This is due to the fact that; it has a lot of benefits that can be derived from implementation. For instance, the new work schedule will enable the production manager balance the skills of each crew employee during different working shifts. Balancing the skills of both the experienced and inexperienced crew employees for different shifts will improve productivity and efficiency at the firm. Consequently, the performance of Building products Inc. won’t drop off at any particular time of the day.

Additionally, the new work schedule will develop a more versatile crew employee. For instance, since the opening production procedures of Building Products Inc. are different from closing stages, the new work schedule will expose employees to all facets of the operational activities of the firm. As a result, the production manager can easily assign the duty to any employee to a specific shift should there be an emergency such as illness of another crew employee.

Finally, the new work schedule will enhance training and development among employees. Working and interacting with multiple managers at a different time during the day and night shifts will help employees develop their expertise with regards to various procedures and operational activities of the firm. Working at different shifts and interacting with a broad mix of production managers, suppliers, customers and associates of the business will enable employees to take on more expansive roles within the firm.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Suggested Work Schedule of the Human Resource Director essay

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