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The Significance of a Growth Mindset

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The Significance of a Growth Mindset essay
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Each individual is constituent of their own unique qualities which help distinguish. The extent of our capabilities. Our limits can be clearly defined by the predetermined mindset associated. With the action carried out, for a fixed mindset. It considers the construct of fixed limits that our body will physically be able to reach. Which in turn defeats any possibility of exceeding those limits. Thus hindering the amount of effort we put into an action and thus harming the output result.

This way of thinking is detrimental toward self improvement, thus it becomes imperative that a growth mindset is utilized in order to promote the progression of maturity, skill, and talent. A growth mindset is one of the key characteristics toward succession, for it unlocks the potential of the individual, thus creating an endless amount of possibilities to partake in. It has become clear to me that, to develop as a person, its beneficial to maintain a growth mindset, to believe that I do not have limits, instead to believe that I have goals, aspirations, and dreams to reach rather than set unovercomable borders in life.

Throughout the majority of my high school career, it’s been apparent that my work ethic has been less that satisfactory, mainly due to the unachieving attitude and an apathetic upbringing that have restrained that which I’m capable of. Only during my sophomore year had I come to a point of epiphany; I am who I make of myself, not who I tell myself to be. Onward, I was determined to climb the ladder of succession and to become the person that other’s looked up to in aspiration. Though I don’t have a specific idea of the figure I’d like to be in the future, I maintain the mental process that the only way to become great and auspicious is through hard work and determined self improvement. It has become my priority to grow from all my mistakes and continuously develop myself.

The main reason many people let themselves become attached to their fixed mindsets is due to the idea that their capabilities are much less than what can be done, as a result, they tend to put in much less effort to assure that the limit is not reached, however, this may be unrealistic, for their perception of what is capable and what is actually capable may be completely different.

Growth mindsets consist majorly of the concept of endless potential, that we grow from our mistakes, thus increasing the amount of effort we put in, and therefore increasing the result that comes out from our actions. My life will not change, I will not change, and it will become very difficult to overcome my current capacity if I keep telling myself that I cannot. As for now, I will continue to grow and learn, regardless of the mistakes I may make.

The Significance of a Growth Mindset essay

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