The Importance of Eating Breakfast 

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There is an old saying that goes “Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like the poor people eat, eat dinner like a beggar”. Here from it can be seen that the breakfast is the most important meal in the day. However, a lot of students go to school in a hurry so that they have no time to have breakfast. Furthermore, some girls skip the breakfast because they believe that eating less can help them lose weight. According to “WebMD” (n.d.) breakfast can boost the body’s metabolism and help people burn calories; it also gives people energy to help people concentrate on their studies. These are just few of the reasons why breakfast is important, so it is necessary for people to get into the habit of eating breakfast.

Although some people believe that there is no need for eating breakfast, skipping breakfast is indeed bad for people’s health. To some people, they would rather sleep more in the morning than waste time preparing breakfast and eating breakfast (Naturade life, n.d.). Others also say that they are usually in a hurry in the morning and they don’t have time to eat breakfast (Best Health, n.d.). Still to some who have no appetite in the morning, they consider that breakfast is dispensable (Naturade life, n.d.). However, if people always skip the breakfast, they could suffer from health problems.

During a busy morning, it’s easy to let people skip the breakfast. Some people might say they skip breakfast once in a while. According to “University of Waterloo” (2018) 48.5% of adolescents do not eat breakfast at least once a week. Nevertheless, only a regular breakfast can guarantee people’s health. Skipping breakfast not only increase the risk of getting sick and fat, but also lead to inefficient learning.

According to “Nithya” (2017) skipping breakfast will increase people’s desire for sweets and high-fat foods, therefore, people will eat more food, because of their strong hunger feeling. In that way, people will have the risk of getting fat. In addition, according to “Nithya” (2017) the British research team did a study on 3 groups of people, the team found that the group who were not given breakfast showcased the poorest memory skills and highest fatigue levels. Not only that, but skip breakfast might cause heart attacks, migraines and hair loss and so on (Nithya, 2017). It seems that the harm caused by skipping breakfast is very much.

As a consequence, people must recognize the problem and get into the habit of eating breakfast to prevent health problems. There are some tips to help people to get into that habit. People can buy some cartons of milk to store at home. When people can’t have enough time to eat breakfast at home in the morning, they can take a carton of milk and drink it on school the way. Consider packing something the night before and put it into bag, such as yogurt, oatmeal, fruit and bread, therefore, people will not skip breakfast because have no food to eat. Perhaps, some people don’t feel hungry in the morning, they can eat a little bit, but they can’t just skip it. Some people may get up late, as a result they do not have time to buy and eat breakfast. This problem is easy to solve, people can buy the breakfast on the night before and eat it when they walking to school.

It may take people some time to prepare breakfast in advance, but this effort will be rewarded.

Once people get into the habit of eating breakfast, they will get a lot of benefits. People will become healthier than before. Girls will get slim and staying slim for good in a healthy situation. Boys will have a stronger and healthier body. Furthermore, according to “Lindsay” (2018) students who eat breakfast will be more focused and less distracted by the external environment and they can focus earnestly on the content what is being taught by professor, and can better understand it. As a result, student grades will improve. What’s more, the risk of getting sick will decrease

It is necessary for people to have a regularly healthy breakfast. Prepare the breakfast at the night before and eat it when people walking. If people have no appetite they can eat a little bit. Developing a good habit of eating breakfast can not only help people stay away from obesity and disease, but also give people more energy to focus on their study. Encourage friends and family to do the same. Start today and continue every day in the future. From now on and buy some food for breakfast at night before and have breakfast every day in the future

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