The Fiction of Memory

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After watching the video, I understand how memory works. It can take time to comprehend the term and meaning, but I learned several ideas about the subject. Memories are important. It balances how we live. That is, memories are the mental capacity of retaining and reviving facts and events. We recognize previous experiences. It allows us to learn from our experiences and to adapt to ever-changing environment (Sanderson & Huffman, 2016 p. 175). I learned several things and strategies about the topic.

Memory errors can happen to anyone. People either remember things that didn’t happen or remember them differently. These issues can really make a negative effect. According to Sanderson and Huffman (2016), like witness testimony, false memories can have serious legal, personal, and social implications. In the video, Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus briefly explained about the story of Steve Titus. He ended up being falsely convicted on rape because the victim told false evidence. This ties up with false memory. The women quickly point fingers at Steve because he looked like the real rapist. This is a clear example of why memory error should be taken seriously. About three hundred innocent people were wrongly convicted of crime they didn’t do. You can set false memories. They have unintended consequences that effect behavior long after the memories take hold. When you give people the wrong information, you can change their memory.

Many people don’t fully understand the problems of memory errors. If you’re someone who has any type of trouble with your memory, then there are ways to avoid it. The best strategies are using different types of Mnemonics. This technique helps recall important information and can improve the ability to remember things. As stated by Norby, “People may increase access to a memory and make it more likely that it will be retrieved in the future “(Norby, 2019).

This is effective because it helps people review bigger pieces of information. Another strategy is the use of Cornell notes or the Cornell System. It’s a note organization mnemonic. For example, I love writing notes. When my notes are all gathered in one place, It’s much easier to learn and remember. In my opinion, this method is the most tolerable. The last strategies are the use of music. I believe most people enjoy listening to music. Music can be used to enable people to recall significant details to main thoughts. I can apply this information in my daily life.

My grandpa used to have memory errors when he was alive. He used to say false information about my parents. Whenever he will come over, he would tell numerous stories about the younger version of my father and mother. Later, I made a conclusion that he was saying the wrong things. My mom said that none of the events never happened. For example, my grandfather thought my parents met in high school, but they started talking in college. Now in present-day, my mind tends to get confused about this. My brain can’t seem to process this clearly. Growing up as a child, I believe that my grandpa constantly provided me with wrong information. When I think about my parent’s past, I lean more with my grandpa’s story because I recall it more from my memory.

In conclusion, memory errors are very much important to everyone. One of the most common issues today is people relying on their memories. From remembering anything that occur in pervious situations. As stated before, always make sure to comprehend the bad effects of memory errors. The story of Steve Titus is a prime example. To improve the consistency of your brain, practice different types of Mnemonics. In most of my life, I’ve used at least once in my education years.

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