The Effects of Genetically Modified Foods on Human Body Are Detrimental

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Food as a basic commodity is fundamental to life. Historically, people used to migrate from their countries due to inadequate food and feed supply. Today, the population has increased tremendously, and the need to improvise new cropping methods must be brought in hardy. According to Dona and Arvanitoyannis (2009), genetically modified foods (GMO) are foods produced from modified genetic material (DNA) induced to them through genetic engineering for various reasons. In the recent past, food modifications have been carried out to increase productivity, improve quality, and shorten the maturity period of the crop, producing crops resistances to pathogens and producing crops resistance to extremes weather among other things. A scientist has maintained that a well-treated GMO does not have any safety risk on human beings. However, there are ongoing concerns about the safety of GMO to human conception. The increase in diseases which are immune to antibodies, increase cancer incidences, and hormonal imbalance due to the compromised ecosystem are the negative effects caused by GMO.

The increased concerns that genetically modified food leads to the development of diseases which are resistance to antibodies has taken center stage on the suitability of GMO. GMO foods are characterized by newly synthesized proteins induced in them increasing the risk of allergies. According to Dona and Arvanitoyannis (2009), beans plant was introduced to synthesized proteins to increase the amino acids cysteine was found to be detrimental to human beings health and the project was scrapped off. This shows that it’s possible to have some trials that have gone into the industry unnoticed, thus, developing such diseases. Further studies indicate that, since GMO concept was introduced and wholly accepted to curd inadequate food supply, chronic and food allergies has been found to increase (Ewen & Pusztai 2009). Even though there is no direct connection to support the connection between GMO and the said health issues, individuals should remain vigilant of what they consume.

American cancer society database indicates that cancer has been reported to decrease rapidly in the United States of American accept cancers that are closely related to GMO foods. Although scientists have failed to explain whether genetically modified foods leads to cancer or not, (Costa-Font, Gil & Traill 2008) believes that Bt-toxin, which is highly used in every genetically modified plant like maize and cotton is capable of poking holes into the cell walls (Costa-Font, Gil & Traill 2008). Also, an international agency of research, describe Monsanto’s Roundup herbicides sprayed to all Roundup-ready GMOs is said to cause cancer in humans. Notably, cancer in the United States is increasing with increase in Usage of Roundup and glyphosate in plants like soy (Smith & Smith 2007). The same research indicates that people living around Roundup ready soybeans firms in Argentina have reported an increased number of cancers. This is a clear indication that genetic mutations from GMO foods can be liked to cancers diseases like leukemia, liver, kidney, and thyroid. It’s my opinion that people should embark on organic farming which does not depend on Roundups or other synthesized proteins.

In the recent past, people have suffered to some hormonal imbalance which has actively been associated with GMO foods. For instance, girls at a tender age can receive their menstruation cycle. Research indicates that there are high chances that women who are exposed to GMO product to affect their ability to produce or their ability negatively have healthy kids. The disappearing ecosystem due to huge powerful chemicals used has contributed to this imbalance. People no longer eat all breath natural air like the one our forefathers used to inhale. Also, research has it that bees and other useful insects are dying every day due to powerful chemicals used to the GMO crops (Smith & Smith 2007). Therefore, when pollination does not take place, people end up having no fruits and foodstuff which rely on pollination. These further the need to introduce GMO crops to curb the gap in a short period. Further, Most weeds have become very resistant to chemicals used on GMO. Farmers have resulted in using powerful chemicals which have continually affected hormonal imbalance upon consumption.

In conclusion, even though we want to support ourselves economically by using GMO foods, there are alarming negative effects of using this kind of farming. As indicated, GMO foods can result in hormonal imbalance, cancer and resistance diseases to antibodies. Although there are no direct connections to the above findings, it’s my opinion that people should stay healthy by avoiding genetically modified food at all cost. To give a comprehensive data on the harmful effects of GMO foods on human consumption, more research needs to be carried out in the future. But until then, people should stay healthy and stop using GMO foods as it has dire effects in the long run.


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