The Effect of Steroids on Our Health and Sleep

Updated May 2, 2022

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The Effect of Steroids on Our Health and Sleep essay

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Because most steroids are used by the method referred to as “shooting up” which means using a needle that contains the steroids and giving yourself a shot, there are blood borne diseases you can contract if you share with other people. Some of which being hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and even hiv. Heart attack, stroke, liver and kidney failure, hypertension, blood clots, fluid retention, and high cholesterol are side effects everyone can experience from steroid abuse. Adolescents who use steroids may never achieve their full height or weight because they abused steroids while their mind and body was still growing and thriving, all around growth will be stunted, and development issues will arise. In the past year 8th graders have had a 60% steroid usage increase as well as 10th graders climbing to a 70% increase and 12th graders reaching a 110% usage increase. these rates are alarming because it goes to show how concerned our youth is with their image at such a young age.

Many people don’t know that women may also use steroids. They have a range of side effects which are not the same as the effects for men. steroids boosts testosterone so facial hair and body hair growth should show up. men don’t have the same type of breast as women do so with the use of steroids they will lose the type of breast a woman has and begin forming the type of breasts men have. another key effect is that their voice will be deepened because of all of the testosterone. period irregularity, and hair loss are also physical effects women may experience. Men who notice side effects may say that their effects are very different. Sometimes they are much more life threatening or damaging. Some of these consequences are reduced sperm counts, infertility, shrunken testicles, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, stomach pain although women may experience some stomach pain as well.

As well as the many physical effects there are of steroids there is a plethora of psychological effects. Steroids also affect the limbic system which causes mood swings of manic and aggressive behavior. This is also known as “roid rage” by users. People also form addictions which can keep them up all not causing insomnia. people who do not feed their addiction and stay strong after not having them may experience anxiety and depression because they are upset and they really want what they can’t have. People who are insomniacs may experience paranoia and hallucinations because of their lack of sleep.

The Effect of Steroids on Our Health and Sleep essay

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