The Core of a Good Education

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It begins with our upbringing and how our parents or parental figures are indeed supposed to be the first influences in our lives, and it’s where we begin our educational journey. We start off as babies by learning our first words, alphabet, sentences, etc. from our parents. They are our primary teachers to impact our lives. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t hear, see, or learn something new. We learn as we grow. By nature, we are curious beings who want to learn new things from others, whether it be educational or any other subject. In order to have effective, lasting learning, it is detrimental that during some point in our lives a teacher or individual imparts their knowledge to create a spark of inspiration and curiosity within us, and forever leave an impression. It is essential to learn from other people and their experiences. There is no way to overestimate the importance of learning from people we are around. We benefit from other peoples experiences and our own and can receive their knowledge and wisdom just by being open to the idea of learning from others. As a society, our mission should be to find any opportunities to learn because it will benefit us.

When we listen to each other, we take notice of the strategies that other people are using to make an impact and should implement these in any way we can. Growth through learning opportunities is critical. We should be serious about both our personal growth, about the concept of learning the well being of our lives. There should never be a point where we stop our eager quench for learning and determining what is new and gaining new values and beliefs along the way. If we were to prevent this, our personal development wouldn’t grow. Every opportunity we get from other people to learn something new, we should embrace. Having said that, when we learn from other people, it truly makes us grow emotionally and educationally because we learn from our own mistakes and different peoples experiences, which in turn make us better decision makers for the future. Along with this, you will find that not only will being a lifelong learner make you seem like you are worthy of being a teacher, yourself, but others will then turn to you just as you once did with your own teacher. The passion of wise teachers truly impacts us for the better. When we see this uplifting attitude, it ignites a fire in us, to want to do the same and to strive for more. A lot of faith and trust is put into those who have the wisdom to share, for good reason. Encouragement and support are essential to give us that drive that’s needed to succeed, and who better to do so than our teachers. Passion is contagious, especially coming from someone we admire.

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