The Call of the Wild by Jack London

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The Call of the Wild was written by Jack London. Buck, a very impressive dog. “But Buck was neither house-dog nor kennel dog. The whole realm was his.”(London 2). He started out living a good life in California when he gets dog napped and gets put into slavery. For him, this means pulling a ridiculously heavy sled through miles and miles of ice with little or nothing to eat and frequent beatings. A classic book is “judge over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.”(classic). This paper will further discuss the protagonist, antagonist, climax, and resolution of The Call of the Wild.

The protagonist of the story is Buck, a noble and admirable wolf. He is a physically impressive dog because he is the alpha dog and the top dog. The author truly shows Buck’s loving nature with this quote, “For the last time in his life he allowed passion to usurp cunning and reason…” (London 100).

The antagonist is Spitz. Spitz is Buck’s last steppingstone on the way to becoming Buck, Master of the Universe. He may have conquered snow and starvation, but Buck isn’t there until he has it out with Spitz. It is helpful that nobody likes him, so Spitz should go down in the end. He is cruel and if you so much as accidentally tap him, he will want to start a fight with you.

The antagonist of the story is Spitz, another one of the fighting dogs. He is brutal, vicious, and, antagonistic to the other dogs. ‘There was no warning, only a leap in like a flash, a metallic clip of teeth, a leap out equally swift, and Curly’s face was ripped open from eye to jaw…” (London 14).

The climax of the story comes when Buck the Saint Bernard living the good life. He lived in Santa Clara Valley with Judge Miller, which is his owner. He is a well-trained dog until he was stolen and sent to Alaska where the sled dogs are in demand. Buck goes through a series of adventures where he must forget his perfect doggie past and learn what it means to be wild. Buck must find his inner-wolf through many trials and heartache. The resolution of the story occurs when he becomes the leader of the pack of wolves.

The reason why it is a classic book is because it appeals to many different people. London keeps his stories sweet and simple, his writing is detailed but easy to read and fall in to. With this in mind, it is no wonder The Call of the Wild became a classic book.


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