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Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich begins her book by discussing her preparation for her endeavor: to enter the low-wage workforce for a period of time as a way of investigating poverty. Her objective is to experience, first-hand, the daily obstacles that the poor encounter as a means to survive. She sets up a few rules for herself —…

Book Review,

Nickel and Dimed

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Barbara Ehrenreich


Creative nonfiction

originally published

January 1, 2001


On Getting By in America is a book written by Barbara Ehrenreich. Written from her perspective as an undercover journalist, it sets out to investigate the impact of the 1996 welfare reform act on the working poor in the United States.


Book by Barbara Ehrenreich

Pages: 224 pp

Awards: Christopher Award

Beyond issues of income Nickel and Dimed focuses our attention on the problems of everyday living that the working poor must overcome. Problems like personal health, safety, friendships, and personal dignity.

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