The Bitterness Of Revenge 

Updated May 6, 2022

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The Bitterness Of Revenge  essay

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“Why are some bent on avenging perceived wrongs, slight or significant, while others can just let it go?… But what is known is that nobody is above revenge. And rarely is it ever sweet”( Murphy). Revenge doesn’t always turn out the way the avenger want it to be, instead, it ends up hurting them (O’Shea). Revenge can have negative effects. “When people seek revenge, either by taking direct action against the person who wronged them, or by pretending as though they were not affected by the wrong, it not only fails to prevent future harm, but it also adversely affects the revenger”(“Revenge Causes Psychological Harm to the Avenger”). The revenger is affected negatively by trying to get even (Wallace). The people who take revenge get on to a path of endless retaliation causing psychological and social harm (Jaffe). “Revenge can cause people to abandon their goals and focus their attention on the pain of the past”(Goldsmith).

The effects of revenge can cost the avenger more than the sweet satisfaction. The revenger consumes energy and can hurt others they love in the process (Goldsmith). The avenger will be obsessed with getting revenge and will end up doing something to hurt themselves because of their focus only on the enemy (Goldsmith). It becomes an addiction to the revenger, which controls them to get revenge on every little thing (Goldsmith). Revenge may be sweet at the moment, but later on, it causes problems (Wallace). “But–incongruous as it may seem to some–I was restrained and hampered by my innate sense of justice. The innocent must not suffer” (Christie 288). In the book, And Then There Were None, the murderer, Justice Wargrave, takes revenge by murdering those he thought were guilty. Justice Wargrave is consumed by the sense of revenge to get even with those who escaped from the justice system.

Wargrave becomes obsessed with the idea of revenge and his hunger is not satisfied at the end. He ends up suffering from psychological problems derived from revenge. “But no artist, I now realize, can be satisfied with art alone. There is a natural craving for recognition which cannot be gainsaid” (Christie 298). Wargrave ends up on a path of endless retaliation. Justice Wargrave suffered the effects of revenge. Revenge is counterproductive and never truly taken ( Goldsmith). “As Confucius said, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” ” (Goldsmith). Revenge doesn’t always give satisfaction to the avenger and can end up hurting them. In And Then There Were None, and in real life, we hurt ourselves by trying to hurt another.

The Bitterness Of Revenge  essay

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