The Bank of Jordan Media Advertising

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In recent times there has been an many various advertising campaigns occuring in my country, Jordan in which there is creativity and competeition. Nowadays, there are many amazing famous advertising campagins, that are outstanding. One of the most important of these campaigns was the campaigns by The Bank of Jordan, where they had some nice ideas about launching an advertising campaign to consolidate its institutional identity.

The Bank of Jordan announced the launch of a new advertising campaign in December to highlight the Bank’s achievements during 2008 and to establish the Bank’s identity with customers and investors as one of the best local and regional banks. The new campaign comes with creative ideas, which will be launched through various local media, especially television and newspapers, and will focus on the identity of the bank and its continued pursuit of customer objectives through its leading and distinctive banking products and services.

Moreoever, The Bank of Jordan has shown its ability to cope with the local economic challenges in the light of regional and global changes. In this regard, the Bank has adopted a banking policy to keep up with the changes in this sector, improve the services provided to customers and enhance its competitive position as a prestigious banking institution. The campaign was carried out by a team of 70 people of different ages, groups of children, young men, women, men and elderly.

The idea of the campaign is to emphasize the daily and continuous communication between the bank and customers through the bank logo and the formation of twenty-four departments in the colors of energy (red, yellow and orange), where these departments show that the bank provides its services around the clock with all its energy and strength to serve its customers.

Of course, if we’re talking about quality and attention to attract people, the new advertisement was filmed in one of the oldest and most important archaeological sites of Jordan (Castle Mountain), which was and still is a fascinating archaeological landmark and the heart of the capital Amman, which reflects the charm of the seven Amman mountain ranges and the ideal place to photograph this wonderful painting where the importance of this place at the local level because of the great impact The Bank of Jordan’s association with the heritage of Jordan and keep abreast of its developments in order to reach the ideal homeland that we all dream of.


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