The 1992 Presidential Election the United States

Updated December 27, 2021

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The 1992 Presidential Election the United States essay

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November 5, 1996, was the 53rd US Presidential election who’s the main candidates were Democratic party Bill Clinton who won against his opponent Republican Party Bob Dole. Bill Clintons were first elected as the President of the United States on November 3, 1992, which made his victory against Bob Dole his second term as the President of the United States. Bill Clinton’s total in the popular vote was 47,402,357 with an electoral vote of 379. Bob Dole, on the other hand, had a popular vote of 39,198,755 and an electoral vote of 159. Therefore, the two major political parties that lead the US Presidential election on November 5, 1996, was the Democratic Party Bill Clinton who had 49 percent of votes and the Republican Party Bob Dole who had 41 percent votes.

The US Presidential election of 1996 had nine total running candidates, Bill Clinton who was the current president of the United States running for his second term of presidency; he was 49 years old, married to Hilary Clinton with one daughter, Bill was born in Hope Arkansas. The next candidate was Bob Dole, a former house of representative in Kansas before Bob ran for the presidential election he was a US Senator. He is 72 years old married with one daughter. Dole believed that his experience in the government would benefit the nation if he becomes the president because he has the experienced, unlike the other running candidates.

Another candidate is Phil Gramm 52 married with two sons he was born in Fort Benning Georgia, Gramm is a U.S Senator and is the most famous opponent of Bob Dole he has been in the Congress since 1979. Gramm affiliate with the Republican Party but he used to be a democrat until 1982. Another candidate is Lamar Alexander 55 years old married with2 daughters and two sons, he was born in Blount County Tennessee. Alexander works as a lawyer but he was a former Governor of Tennessee, and he also works as the U.S Secretary of Education in the year 1991 to 1993.

Alexander believed that states should have more control and freedom from federal. Malcolm S. Forbes was one of the presidential candidates in 1996, he is married with five daughters and was born in Morristown, New Jersey. Forbes spent millions of dollars on TV advertisement advocating for the same tax to all families that makes 33,000 or more. However, his critics don’t agree that the wealthy should only be tax the same amount as the middles class families. Another presidential candidate was Patrick Buchanan 57 married with no children; he was born in Washington D.C. he was a political writer who is pro-life and doesn’t support abortion. Buchanan didn’t believe in letting immigrant in the United States and claimed he would “shut America’s borders” to the immigrants.

Richard Lugar was one of the nine presidential candidates in 1996; he is married with four sons, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, he was a US Senator in the time of the election. He had the most experience in the politics among all of his opponent having served two teams as a mayor in Indianapolis and 20 years in the US Senate. Robert K Dornan was.

Also running presidential candidate he was 62, married with three daughters and two sons and was born in New York, New York. He was a US Representative, and he was mostly known of his support to military spending. Lastly, Alan J.Keyes age 44, married with two sons and one daughter he was born in New York, New York he was working as a radio talk show host in the time of the election. Keyes was the first African-American who wanted to run as a president of the United States; he was a former ambassador of the united nations economic and social council he also worked as a state department official in president Regan administration

During the 1992 presidential election the United States was facing two major issues which one is the “foreign policy”. Current president Bill Clinton was facing criticism in his ability and experience towards worlds affairs. His opponents claims that he can’t make up his mind towards foreign policy and that the United States needed a strong leader who had the will to do as he say. However, President Clinton did have some accomplishment during his first term as a president such as the successful persuasion to Russia to withdraw their troops from the Baltic Republics of Estonia and Latvia in 1994.

Another successful foreign affairs in President Clinton administration’s was the administration initiative to stop the imminent economic collapse in Mexico in 1995. On the other hand, running presidential candidate Bob Dole, believes that United States should value friendship and support allies in other countries because they helped the United States win the previous war. Dole’s proposition was to maintain U.S. economic, political, and military access to key regions, promote democratization, thwart the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems, and punish those states and movements that plan or conduct terrorist act against American citizens (4president.us, 2018).

The second issue was the “tax cuts” president Clinton offered to $110 billion intent to go towards families with children and help for college fees. However, his opponent Dole campaign proposed a whooping $560 billion tax cut over the course of 5 years. To include a 15 percent cut in income taxes for all, halving the capital gains rate to 14 percent, and also echoing Clinton’s offer of family tax credit of $500 for each child. The prospect of $1,500(the equivalent of /20 a week) in tax cuts for family of four on an average annual income of $35,000 is proving to be a winner with the public  (Walker, 1996)

Both issues were important to the 1996 election because the United States operates in making trades in other countries and if there is a unforeseeable war the United States will most likely need allies to win a war hence its important to keep good relationship with the other countries. How the current or chosen president handle foreign affairs will also determined the economic status of the United States. It is also very important to address the tax cuts issues in order for families to survive because some families don’t make enough to meet their needs because too much taxes were taken in their paycheck therefore making living more harder than it already is specially to the poor families.

Bill Clinton won the 1996 presidential election with a total vote of 47,402, 357 and electoral vote of of 379. Bob Dole had 39,198,755 and electoral vote of 159. Therefore, putting Bill Clinton in his second term as the president of the United States. Even after his victory President Clinton had to address the grieving public because of the bombing in Oklahoma City.

The 1992 Presidential Election the United States essay

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