Terry Fox as One of the Local Heroes Personal Essay

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Have you ever wondered if the hero exists? We make movies about superheroes from space, who have special abilities and all of them have the same goal: save people, save the world. You and I both know that these movies are fiction. But those heroes are just human imaginations or they are based on reality. In our world, there are many people who have made great contributions to humanity. Are they the heroes? I say ‘yes’. They are not just people who have made great contributions and are known to the world to be called heroes but also those who have made great contributions but are less well known, they are called ‘local heroes’. Here is a typical example of a local hero I would like to talk about, his name is Terry Fox.

His full name is Terrance Stanley Terry Fox. He was born July 28, 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and died June 28, 1981 in New Westminster, British Columbia. He has two brothers and one young sister, his parents are Rolly and Betty Fox. Terry Fox is a dynamic student in high school and then university. He always participates in activities, plays sports such as basketball, runs. In March 1977, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and he had to cut his right leg shortly after. His life began to be difficult when he had to travel with the help of a prosthetic leg.

Cancer has robbed the ability to play sports and it also slowly robbed his life when the doctor diagnosed that he only has a few more years. However, he never gave up his passion and hope. In 1980, Terry Fox organized a marathon cross-Canada called ‘Marathon of Hope.’ The run aims to raise money for patients suffering from cancer, who are suffering pains day by day in the hospital and the cost of treatment is too high. His marathon prolongs 143 days and 3,339 miles and it has garnered the attention of millions in Canada and has raised the world’s largest donation to help people who have cancer. He ended his Marathon run in late September 1980, and nine months later, cancer finally took his life at 22 years old.

Terry Fox has become a monument to Canadian, he is a hero, a living symbol of hope. His race is not just a call for people to join hands against cancer but also a call for love between people and people. It is a cord that connects people, it helps us to be closer together, to share, to empathize, to help the difficult circumstances and to create a better society. From his actions, I learned a lesson about ‘keep moving forward,’ never give up hope and passion. This not only helps us to achieve success in life, but also shows us the meaning of success, the result that we achieve after those efforts. It does not show in the awards or medals he attains, it comes from his heart, in his actions and in the message he wants to send to people.

Heroes are always present in our world. Whether they are celebrities or silent heroes, they all bring good things to life. Terry Fox is a testament for that. His marathon makes a difference, it shakes millions of hearts by the meaning of it. I really admire his will, it gives me a strong belief in living energy, and about steel spirit. Every year, a marathon is held under his name to raise money for people with cancer. Moreover, it brings the will and belief to everyone in society. I hope one day everyone in the world knows about him, feel about the good things he did, and do the good things like him.

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