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What item rings a bell in today’s society as a necessity? For most, a smartphone device may come to mind. In the article titled, “Smart Phone, Dumber You?” by Lisa Freedman, Freedman discussed the dangers of the presence of smartphones in our day-to-day life. She did so by exploring three main points: Delete Your Most Addictive apps, Set up a Roadblock, and Get Some Distance. Freedman suggested a wide variety of methods for the reader, and especially younger generations, to resist technology’s addictiveness. This essay will address solutions to overcome smartphone addiction including examples the author provided in which one can do so, and why the author is correct.

Many people in today’s society have a common addiction whether it may be to smartphone use or cigarette smoking. Throughout the article, Freedman provided many examples and solutions to deal with the use of excessive smartphone use. Freedman stated one highly effective method is to get some distance and take a break. A quote stated in the article by Catherine price, stated ‘If you’re a smoker and there are cigarettes in front of you and you’re trying to do something else, your brain will just keep wanting you to grab a cigarette,’ Similarily relating to smartphones, avoid smartphone use by placing your smartphone somewhere not directly visible and when you need to have a genuine discussion at home you can turn on Apple’s Do Not Disturb While Driving component, which sends adjustable messages in case you’re stressed over missing something significant, set up your smartphone to permit calls from specific callers. This is one appropriate step that is sufficient in reducing the use of smartphone addiction.

The author provided a valid argument presenting credible evidence such as individuals with the title of “Ph.D”. One reason why this article is a reliable source of information is that a trustworthy clinical psychologist Elyssa Barbash, Ph.D., of DoctorElyssa.com. Stated” A smartphone is basically a mini dopamine factory, doling out hits of the feel-good brain chemical as a reward when you get Likes on social media or relieve boredom by scrolling Twitter. Unfortunately, ‘the dopamine system is not satiable, so you continue to crave more and more,’ Another well-known Ph.D. Adrian Ward assistant professor of marketing at the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business, research proposes that distancing yourself from electronic devices has positive effects on the brain.

In today’s community the world revolves around technology which often can lead to addiction. The author presented an extensive variety of evidence that proved her claim and proposal of overcoming the use of smartphone addiction. She not only illustrated recommended methods that can be used but also backed up many of her facts. Sometimes people need time away to detox and focus more on real-life everyday issues rather than the distraction behind the small scree

Smartphone Addiction Application essay

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