Should Minors Be Able to Get Tattoos and Piercing without Parent Permission? 

Updated September 10, 2022
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Should Minors Be Able to Get Tattoos and Piercing without Parent Permission?  essay

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Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo, or a body piercing? If you have what would you want, but how old are you? If you are younger than 18 then the only place you can get pierced is on your nose and your ears, no tattoos though. Also, as long as they’re safe and do their research and choose the right place, they should be perfectly fine. Even people who wait might not always have the best experiences. Parents who have tattoos some of their children might be encouraged by their beautiful art. Minors should be able to get tattoos and body piercings without parental consent.

First, even people who wait have bad experiences. According to, http://helpmesue.com/post/tattoo-gone-wrong/ , a man and his two friends went to get tattoos. All three men were eighteen and older. They all got the same tattoo on the same spot the ankle. Within two days of getting it done all of their ankles had swelled up to twice its size. The tattoo was cracking and the swelling wasn’t going down. So they ended having to go to the hospital to get antibiotics. The artist went to deep when putting the ink in, and ended up getting fired. Therefore, even if you wait you still have a chance of it going bad. That is one thing that can not be said to the negative side of not letting minors get tattoos.

Second, as long as they choose the correct place and the right place the should be perfectly fine. Another story is, there was a girl who is 16 turning 17 Friday and her friend that is already 17. Her friend meet this guy at her work that offered to give her and her friend a tattoo. We are going to call them Star and Emma. Star was nervous about getting the tattoo and told Emma told her that she was a coward. Then they went into the guys house and entered his bath room which was a total mess. So star said that she was not going to get anything, though Emma still got something a flower on her hip. A couple days later Emma wasn’t at school so Star went and checked on her. Emma’s flower was now a big blob and was infected. She had to tell her mom Star was happy that she didn’t get anything. So that suggest that not all minors would be idiotic and that some can make bright choices.

Third, Some parents have tattoos. Which some minors might be encouraged to get one to . According to an article called, “What’s the big deal, Mom it’s just a tattoo!”, it discusses Davis Mielock who has two tattoos herself and both are able to be covered up. She says, she is not against them, though she won’t allow her 17 year old daughter to have one. Her argument states, “I am being a hypocrite, but this is a decision I made as an adult and I made it knowing the perception other people could have.” Davis’s daughter is encouraged by her mother’s beautiful tattoos. She wants to able to see beautiful artwork on herself as well. Though her mother won’t allow it. Therefor, minors should be able to get tattoos because of how their parents tattoos encourage them.

One the other hand, for other people’s perspectives they believe tattoos and piercing for minors don’t mix. This makes sense though some minors don’t want these things on their body or they don’t believe that minors should be able to have it, same for some adults. For example, a student in my class states, “ Some minors are not mature enough to put such things on there body”. Also, they might regret it or uses the privilege to upset their parents if they already told them no. Another thing, is they might take it as there grown meaning they start talking back and doing things there not supposed to be doing. However, some minors are actually responsible and can take on the action. The people that deserve the responsibility to be able to get things are most likely the ones who can’t be getting it.

Finally, that’s why minors should be able to get tattoos or piercings without parental consent. People who wait also can have a chance of bad experience. Once they sit down and take the time to find the right company they will most likely not be harmed. Parents with tattoos that have children who want tattoo should reevaluate the situation and why the might want tattoos. That’s why minors should be able to get tattoos and piercing without parental consent. Minors are supposed to make a new generation how are they supposed to complete this task if they can’t make their own decisions.

Should Minors Be Able to Get Tattoos and Piercing without Parent Permission?  essay

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Minors need the written consent of a parent or legal guardian to receive a tattoo . No laws currently on age limits for body piercing.
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Poorly planned tattoos and piercings can cause all sorts of health problems, AAP cautions. Children and teens should carefully consider the risks and consequences of getting tattoos and body and ear piercings , according to a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 18 Sept 2017
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