Rhetorical Analysis of Stuart Scott’s “ESPYs Speech”

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Rhetorical Analysis of Stuart Scott’s “ESPYs Speech” essay
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The Jimmy V Award is awarded to someone at the ESPY Awards to ‘a deserving member of the sporting world who has overcome great obstacles through perseverance and determination.’ In 2014, Stuart Scott won the Jimmy V Award for his courageous fight against cancer. I analyzed Stuart Scott’s speech and read articles about how he affected the sporting world before and after he died. My speaker is Stuart Scott. He was an ESPN broadcaster for two decades and he also won the Jimmy V award in 2014 for his battle with cancer. In Stuart Scott’s speech, he used a lot of ethos, pathos, and logos. He mostly used pathos because he talks about his battle with cancer, his daughters, and everyone who is helping him through everything that was going on. Stuart Scott used effective rhetoric in his speech by mentioning famous athletes to establish ethos, using anecdotes to show pathos, and using logos by talking about the benefits of not giving up.

Stuart Scott was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and 2013, and he passed away on January 4th, 2015. He had two daughters and their names are Taelor Scott and Sydni Scott. He was in two movies which were He Got Game and Drumline. He was married but then got a divorce and he had a girlfriend when he passed away. Stuart Scott’s speech wasn’t very historical, more like memorable. The speech took place in 2014 so it wasn’t that long ago. The audience was made up of NFL players, NBA players, other sports players, lots of celebrities, sports newscasters, and it was broadcasted on TV all over the world. He gave the speech when he received his award.

Stuart Scott used ethos several times in his acceptance speech. Throughout the speech, he mentioned several famous people that have also won awards at the ESPYS, including the Jimmy V award. He was also introduced by Kiefer Sutherland, who is a famous actor. Scott used his career as credibility because he was an ESPN newscaster for many years. “You know tomorrow, all my boys are gonna be like, yo man, I saw you at the ESPYS with Peyton Manning, Money Mayweather and KD.” This is an example of ethos because it is showing that many other great athletes receive awards that the ESPYS. Peyton Manning, Money Mayweather, and KD are all very well known athletes who also won awards at the ESPYS.

Stuart Scott used anecdotes in his speech to show pathos. He talked about many of his experiences with his cancer treatment. He told stories of what he went through and how it affected his life and his family. “As of Sunday, I didn’t even know if I’d make it here. I couldn’t fight. But doctors and nurses could. The people that I love and my friends and family – they could fight. My girlfriend, who slept on a very uncomfortable hospital cot by my side every night, she could fight.” Stuart Scott was talking about the week before he gave his speech when he was in the hospital. He was having liver complications and his kidneys were failing. Scott ended up having four surgeries in the seven days leading up to the ESPYS. He did not know if he would be able to make it to the ESPYS because of his condition. Scott said that the support of everyone in his life is what keeps him going.

Stuart Scott used little logos in his speech. He talked about his cancer and the things he went through in the hospital. He also mentioned something Coach Valvano said many years ago. In a speech, Valvano said, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.” Scott said how he used that in his life and how many other people use it too. “Coach Valvano’s words 21 years ago helping me and thousands of people like me, right now. Direct benefits.” Scott is saying how never giving up helped him get through his treatments and his hard times in life.

It is undeniable that Stuart Scott deserved the Jimmy V award at the ESPYS. He touched the audience with his personal stories and experiences in life. Scott effectively used rhetoric in his acceptance speech with ethos by talking about other famous athletes who won ESPY awards, showing pathos with anecdotes about his life and family, and talking about not giving up by using logos. Scott moved his audience by using a lot of pathos throughout his speech. He made the audience feel what he went through and how it affected him. He established his ethos with the credibility of his career and others that had won ESPY awards. He talked about how much Coach Valdano influenced him and many other people. Stuart Scott was someone who deserved the Jimmy V award. He was and will always be a huge influence in the sporting world because of what he went through and how much strength he had.

Rhetorical Analysis of Stuart Scott’s “ESPYs Speech” essay

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