Review of Technique and Style in the Graphic Novel, Life in Yop City

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Marguerite Abouet’s Comic book Aya: life in yop city was first published in the year of 2005. In the book, the techniques and/or style to shape the meaning of the work as a whole is the most important element in the book. The reason being is Abouet conveys artistic style to tell a theme of the story.

That ties into Page 62, where Aya’s Mother Fanta is skeptical about Ignace’s new job opportunity and Ignace is telling his wife Fanta and she mentions how she doesn’t want to move there expressing to Ignace, not to take the opportunity and therefore you can see how shocked he is and trying to convince his wife to go. There is another scene on pages 133 and 134 where there is a distinction of coloration and technique and or style being used. In the scene Hycinte is Adouja’s father who was finding pictures of people that will look like his grandchild to convince Bonaventure that his son Moussa is the father.

The last scene that is considered a technique or style that tells a meaning is on page 249 where all the fathers meet up and have a get-together and Koffi gives the news to his friends that are going to be taking a second wife.

At the beginning of page 62, where Aya’s Father is telling his wife Fanta about the new job opportunity, there holds some knowledge of examples of the techniques and /or style to shape the meaning of the work as a whole. On Abouet 62, Panel 2 Ignace wants to take the job opportunity that Bonaventure offered.

Bonaventure is known in the book as a wealthy businessman who is a boss that works at a brewing company. Ignace wants to take this job to have an opportunity to earn money. Ignace says; “Just think, I’ll be earning double! We could even move.” Fanta his wife says; “I don’t want to move, Ignace, don’t change the subject.” as Ignace expresses his reaction it reveals an artistic technique being utilized that technique is described an emanata that indicates there are lines drawn around Ignace’s head to indicate shock and surprise.

The thought regarding the author’s choice using such a drawn-out technique of style including using an expression to get an idea of what the characters are feeling or reacting to a situation. the author Abouet wants readers to learn not only the concept of the meaning behind the picture represents. but therefore how the book characters are reacting to a situation to tell a meaning behind a picture.

Another scene that represents an example of an artistic technique being used in the scene is on page 133. Hycinte who is Adouja’s father is one of the main characters in the book, comes home and brought home a picture to his wife and daughter who might look like bobby. Adouja’s son at first looks happy when he comes home with a picture to show Bonaventure who is Moussa’s dad.

Moussa is also a main character and is the “father” but Bonaventure says bobby doesn’t look like Moussa and Bonaventure told hycinte to take a picture of whoever relative he knows that might of a similar feature of bobby. Hycinte was taking pictures of family members that will look like bobby and when hycinte showed the picture to Adouja and the wife korotoumou you can see the shock or surprise that hycinte took the picture on Abouet 133 panel 4 Korotoumou says;” KOUTOUBOU”. adouja says; “ MOTHER OF GOD!”.

There is an artistic technique and it’s their speech balloon, speech ballon means it contains a text of what a particular character is saying. There are different kinds of balloons, for example, a speech balloon, whisper ballon, and a thought balloon and lastly a shout ballon. The two characters Adouja and Korotoumou both have scream ballons to represents the emanata the shock and or surprise expression they have on their faces when they see a picture of a man they know.

When adojua is crying to her mother korotoumou, there is artistic technique being used on hycinte faces when he is looking at the picture fast and also looking at his and daughter that looks like he has two faces, that’s what is called a blurts where there moving there limb and it demonstrates that when hycinte moves his head on panel 5. When hycinte turns his head on why adouja is crying hycinte says; “wh-what’s wrong?”. Kortoumou says; “Hycinte”…it’s is his real father!”. On panel 6 there is a drastic change of coloration the way the color is being used to show how the character is feeling.

Lastly, the page on 249 where all the fathers their names are Ignace, hycinte and Koffi meet up together for a news Koffi has and that is bintou’s father, bintou is also the main character. There is slight of plewds being used on Ignace’s face plewds are flying sweat droplets that appear around the character’s face when Koffi mentions he is taking a second wife. The author’s technique choice demonstrates

To sum up, the book the author’s choice’s to how artistic and /or literary techniques are being used is to create a theme of each scene that is created by a artistic technique is a way of knowing there is a theme behind the story, therefore there is a message and the author wanted us as readers to grasp an understanding how revolutionary the scenes in the book using artistic technique is a way of connecting that piece to give us a message.


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