Resilience Quotient for Better Quality of Life

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Resilience quotient (RQ) is the process that evaluates individuals by the manner in which they retrieve themselves after stress and become adaptive. There are other factors that comprises in resilience quotient such as the ability to forecast realistically, possessing confidence inclusive of a self-image, effective communication and the strength to manage strong emotions as well as instincts. The potential growth area, value, resilience vulnerabilities can be identified by using dimension scores and radar chart. The statement expressed by every RQ dimension aids the participants to strategise a personal resilence improvement plan.

When I had evaluate the RQ dimentioan scores it indicated significantly low levels of resiliance in social connections and proactive dimensions compare with the others. This particular dimension displays a keen insight pertianing to building personal relationships as well as professional networks. I comprehended that increasing the social network can develop a horizontal relation that helped me to share opinions, ideas, issues, plans that increased resilience with the associates. This can be a leverage from the network for gaining positive feelings like affirmation, solutions, and support when difficulty, stress or frustration occur. When a problem arises I navigate through possible solutions before acting on it. I believed most problems are caused by circumstances beyond my control. However, this insight will aid me to amplify balance by not only reacting to the altered reality but actively engaging with it. The proactivity allows me to face traumatic alterations in life by retaining self-efficacy.

From this I realize, a key measurement of resilience is an individual’s ability to challenge adverse changes with the help of their internal strenth and self control, trusting on their ability to determine their own destiny as agiant feeling weak in any situation. They exert influence on an altered scenario by expanding assertiveness in actions and behaviors. When I increased resilence in my weak areas, then I could manage an adversity well. I need to replace the feelings of restlessness and helplessness with being mentally and emotionally prepared to handle the challenge thereby facing probems confidently and with courage. When I built resilence I will able to obtained the desirable goals enduring uncertainities and I can use my knowledge to grow and it will help me to find a sense of purpose in my life. I can increase my resilience by learning to understand my thinking process and developing skills to circumvent it so I can identify the reasons for the adversity and its impact on my life. Resilience quotient is the characteristic that will support me to achieve my goals in life.

In essence, these analysis offer suggestions in identifying areas for personal development and improvement as stratgies for amplificaiton resilence in the corresponding RQ dimention. These factors play a vital role in the judgement of a person’s reaction to various changes in order to assess the quality of life. On the basis of the total RQ value and dimention supports me to point out areas those I need to strengthening in terms of resilence capability because life required agility as it is capable of creating adversity at any point.


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