Reading Books Is One of My Hobbies

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I love reading, the more I read the more I understand others opinion and people around me. Apart from the Bible, one of my favourite books is “Issues Facing Christians Today” by John Stott. In his book John thoroughly addresses critical contemporary issues and Christian responsibility and current issues under the lens of biblically informed thinking. Combining a keen global awareness with a gift for penetrating analysis, he examines such vital topics in with I have keen interest such as Pluralism and Christian witness, Cohabitation, Environmentalism and ecological stewardship, War and peace, Abortion and euthanasia.

The initial part of Stott’s book sets out the situation for greater engagement on these issues. While there have been strong evangelical voices involved in movements for social change in previous centuries evangelicals were less involved in social action than at any time in the history of evangelical Christianity. Stott emphasises a polarisation within the Christian community between those adopting theologically liberal positions, who became more concerned about social action and less concerned about gospel ministry, and evangelicals, among whom the exact opposite was evident. All of the following fourteen chapters contains a summary of present-day practice or the context within which ideas about these issues are formed, as well as an overview of relevant aspects of biblical theology. One may not agree with every conclusion Stott draws but this in no way reduces the importance or value of the enterprise he undertakes. He begins with the question of how we value a human life and urge If we accept that our value is inherent and linked to our relationship with God, then the decision to end someone’s life on the basis of value or quality of life becomes untenable. Stott argues coherently for a manifestly Christian position that acknowledges our dependence on God for every breath we take, rather than seeking to control our lives (and deaths).

I prospect that we might continue to wrestle with these issues. For one thing is certain-these issues are only going to increase in complexity in the years to come. I, as, the one who have the passion to change the world a better place for everyone without losing Christian identity and, want to promote peace and security in my community, this book really encourage me and give me an insightful range of knowledge about the secular world and the Christian principles according to the Bible.

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