High and Low Mortality Rate from the Coronavirus

Updated September 29, 2021

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High and Low Mortality Rate from the Coronavirus essay

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It does require a compare and contrast analysis of a) two countries that have suffered a high mortality rate from the coronavirus and to compare this with b) a country that has successfully managed to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a deadly virus. The coronavirus pandemic, the other name for it is COVID-19. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease which is a reason of a newly discovered coronavirus which is severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‑CoV‑2). Coronavirus is spread quickly. The national responses for the COVID-19 pandemic have been varied, and have composed of containment measures such as curfews, lockdowns, and quarantines. There are some countries that did not take the coronavirus seriously in the early days as the UK and Italy, while some countries have imposed laws to prevent the spread of this deadly virus as south Korea.

There is a high mortality rate in the UK and Italy because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr.Claudia Paoloni, president of the Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association trade union, said: ‘’ Britain had the highest number of deaths in Europe ‘’. And this is due to the unserious response on the first weeks of the coronavirus spread. Moreover, the first country in Europe move into lockdown is Italy, because Italy quickly becomes the heart of the coronavirus breakdown in Europe. There are some opinions for scientists about what went wrong in the death toll raised. The reasons that are cited for why Italy, coronavirus spread on it faster are Italy’s has a large aging population, densely populated cities, and the culture of social interactions, in addition to the slow initial response to the coronavirus and the shortage of time to the government to prepare well for the control to the spread of the coronavirus.

The government of the UK and Italy decided to impose a set of laws to control the numbers of people infected and dead due to the coronavirus. So, on 24 March 2020, the United Kingdom imposes to lock down the country for three weeks, ban on public gatherings of more than two people, and to close off all the unimportant businesses. Also, the government of Italy stop all the flights to and from China and announced the emergency state. Italy was the first country in the EU to take this precautionary measure.

Moreover, the Italian Council of Ministers declares a new decree-law on 22 February to contain the outbreak, containing quarantining for more than 50,000 people from varied municipalities in northern Italy. It will not be provided the entry and the exit in the outbreak areas. And, the government announced a Punishment for violating of the lockdown range from 3 months’ imprisonment to 206 euros fine. Also, the Italian government on the 4th of March declares to close all schools and universities nationwide. On 9 March 2020, the quarantine was expanded to all of Italy.

South Korea has a low mortality rate in the COVID-19 pandemic because south Korea adopts many policies to keep the spread of the coronavirus under control. South Korea brings out one of the best -organized epidemic control programs in the world. South Korea has been taking virus measures to screen the mass population for the coronavirus, and isolate infected people as well as isolate any people contact with the infected people. The quick and wide tests which were taken by the government of South Korea have been judged successful in limiting the spread of the outbreak of the coronavirus, without using the drastic measure of quarantine entire cities.

During the first four weeks, by using high-tech resources like tracking the use of credit cards and checking CCTV footage of confirmed patients, south Korea has controlled the potential spread of COVID-19. While the UK and Italy in the first weeks of the pandemic they did not prepare for it well and did not take it seriously. On the 18th of February, when three soldiers’ tests have been confirmed as positive for the virus, and because of that, all south Korea military bases are on lockdown. The cultural schedules were being stopped and the airlines stop connections, and this is because of the scare of the outbreak for the COVID-19.

United States Forces Korea increased the alert grade from low to medium and stop unimportant travel to and from USFK Daegu. Also, they stop studying in the schools and the universities and they announced unnecessary employer to stay at home to prevent any gathering. Camp Humphreys imposed virus detection protocols, including increases the alert grade to high, and temperature checks. At the same time when south Korea started with several procedures, the UK and Italy did not do anything even test or lockdown and that is why there is a high mortality rate in those countries.

Finally, the government of the countries must impose many procedures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and to be controlled. There are many countries as an example of the well prepare and taking the coronavirus under control as South Korea, China, Singapore, German, New Zealand so as the result of that, the rate of the mortality for these countries has been decreasing.


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High and Low Mortality Rate from the Coronavirus essay

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