Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

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This research paper is about developing a campaign by promoting healthy lifestyle under one of the biggest public health organizations which is known as World Health Organization (WHO). In this paper, there will be a brief description about WHO. Also, this paper will be focusing on this organization’s goals, their services and products, photos and contents, stakeholders and target audiences. Then it will find their media relation activities, CSR activities and other campaigns that this organization has been doing. After that, this paper will be focusing on the main campaign about promoting healthy lifestyle. Throughout this research, it will discuss the plan which will help to make this campaign successful.

Observation from the website World Health Organization (WHO)

Website Analysis

World Health Organization (WHO) is known as United Nations specialized agency which is very helpful taking care of global health matters. This is a worldwide based organization but this research paper will be focusing only on WHO as developing health issues in Bangladesh. Their goals are focused on health-related issues. Such as reducing communicable and non-communicable diseases, also promoting healthy lifestyle in order to save people from the unwanted diseases. Their visons and goals are very clear and they are focused on developing sustainability in order save many people lives.

The nature of this organization is very friendly and reliable because it is promoting their services worldwide and it contains various of services which is helpful to many countries. Bangladesh is one of them and WHO is helping to organize their plans step by step. This way it will help to develop the products of services longer.

In this website, there are many featured stories and highlights, description including pictures which has been done recently by this organization. From the website, in 28th July 2019 because of the flood almost 15000 people were suffering from many diseases and WHO have provided help and treatments in order to save their lives. WHO have also participated in Rohingya crisis which it is very remarkable. Also, there is an article about Dengue which is very important because it has described how it is very harmful and this article can take it as an information about the impact because of Dengue. It can aware people to stay safe from this scary disease.

World Health Organization is a global health company that’s why their decisions are taken by global health stakeholders. This organization is based on external stakeholders so the main decision makers includes government, customers, creditors, local community etc. This organization is mainly focused on health campaigns. In their official website, there are many articles and details about their health campaigns which is giving a good impact in Bangladesh.

Campaign on Promoting Healthy Lifestyle (WHO)

This paper will be focusing on promoting healthy lifestyle in Bangladesh under the public health organization WHO. Being healthy is very important and also as well as live longer without any health issues or various complicated diseases. But here in Bangladesh most of the people suffer from many health issues because of their unhealthy lifestyle. In this campaign there will be the strategic plans in order to complete this campaign successfully. This paper will continue by showing every possible way to improve an unhealthy life and as well as it will help to aware people to get rid of stress and stay happy and leading to a healthy life. This campaign will benefit and impact greatly people’s lives in Bangladesh.


The main goal of this campaign is to change the lifestyle or follow a balance diet and routine in order to stay healthy. Also spread the responsibility to take care of your own healthy is one of the biggest goals of this campaign. It will change their point of view and as well as it will develop their knowledge on healthy lifestyle. It is very important to aware people in Bangladesh to take a good care of their health and change their lifestyles.


  • Spread the knowledge about importance of healthy lifestyle and how it plays a big role in our daily life.
  • The importance of physical exercise is one of the good points for promoting healthy lifestyle.
  • Maintaining a daily routine for daily life is very important.
  • A balance diet chart and good quality of food for our daily life will lead to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reducing junk food and eating green vegetables and fruits will help to build a healthy lifestyle.
  • The importance of water and drinking proper amount of water on daily basis is must.
  • On daily basis walking almost 10-15 minutes will help to reduce extra fat.
  • Sleeping on time is important in order to get rid from stress.

These are the main objective of this campaign. It will help and aware people about healthy lifestyle. They will be interested to lead a healthy life in order to stay away from various complicated diseases. Also, it will engage them to practice to get a healthy life.

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