Positive Effects of Social Networking Sites

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Like everything social networking sites has a positive and a negative but I believe that online social networking sites for personal use have more positive effects. Some of the positives of social networking sites would be the building, maintain and strengthening of relationships. The community and the emotional support gotten from all types of individuals. Users can also share issues with the community and get help. Social networking sites also allows for induvial to share and express their thoughts and ideas in different ways and communicate with likeminded individuals. It also builds independence and skills in individuals to perceive and manage risk, to figure out how to pass judgement and asses circumstances and to survive in a world that can in some cases be unsafe or unfriendly.

Social networking sites can also be useful for students with assignments and projects to access information and undergo research. Through this individuals get access to information immediately about the global, cultural social and economic events happening in the word Asides from building relationships online social networking sites allow people to stay connected with family, friends and people meet at different points in time. It also reconnects people who haven’t seen in years.

Social networking sites can be very helpful when starting a business or as an entrepreneur because it allows to connect with different types of individuals from different backgrounds and to build a customer base while connecting to the right audience. Asides starting a business social networking sites can also serve as a way for individuals to earn money. Promoting products and services is an example, this serves as a good opportunity for people with a social media presence or people with a sizeable amount of followers. Last but not the least they help individuals to become the change they wish to see in the world today and this encourages individuals to see what they are capable of attaining.

Social networking sites do offer the user an opportunity to take control of their life and assert an identity. Social networks encourage individuals to discover themselves. It allows for people to discover and develop their interest and to find other people who share the same interest. Most times their interests are meet for by a social networking service, and in cases where individuals are looking for something different or unique they are always in control to create what they want. Social networking sites introduce individuals to new things and thoughts, and develop valuation for existing interests.

Tumbler is an example of social networking site that allows for people to express their personality and be their real self through blogging. It allows individuals to discuss their thoughts, feelings and other information’s they might want to share through photos of themselves or other content, quotes that they designate with, articles, links and videos from the internet or from the user.

Social networking sites allows the user to have control over their identity and how they want others to see them. Selective posting allows users to test the different types of online self and dependent on the feedback given from the audience of the user it is then fused to make another personality or identity and in this way comprehension of who the individual has moved toward becoming.


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