Positive and Negative Impact of Colonialism on Africa

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Colonialism impacted the African continent socially, politically and economically both positively and negatively. Some of the wonderful social, economic and political affects protected the introduction of Christianity which brought about extra spiritual mission opportunities. Most of the missionaries delivered education in Africa by setting up mission faculties to train the neighborhood human beings and helped them to study greater about their land and culture.

The Europeans defended the Africans against their enemies or gave them weapons to enable them to protect themselves every time they had been attacked by using their enemies and this made some of the Africans experience safer. The Europeans delivered new technology to Africa; they have been supplied with tools for farming and brought new crops like maize and manioc from the New World. They constructed greater infrastructures like clinical facilities, transport and conversation network, schools and set up plantations for the growing of cash vegetation like cocoa, coffee, tea, rubber and cotton.

Many Africans realised the languages of their colonial masters like English, French and Portuguese which has given them extra benefit to be able to talk in the existing globalised world besides any difficulties. Colonialism additionally made the world conscious of Africa’s prosperous subculture though they adopted some the European culture, its abundance in herbal and mineral resources and introducing the nations to trade on the global markets.

New items consisting of family goods had been delivered to Africa. More African jobs have been created and some of the people learnt new exchange making particularly the tribal businesses that sided with Europeans richer. Stronger and better institutions had been installed to govern the human beings which they exist in most of the countries till today.


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