Popularity of Junk Food

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It is time, at last, to speak the truth about junk food, and the truth is this. Junk food is not such a terrible meal. You heard me. I said that. Though you couldn’t have not noticed how overwhelmingly popular it has become, I don’t see it as such a horrific scene.

In my country, fast food is considered to be the cheapest and the most accessible option, to say shortly, the best one, especially when you’re running late for your train, or you’ve just came home after a difficult day. Furthermore, I cannot say that Ukraine is corrupted by the junk food industry. Yes, throughout the years the number of fast food chains has increased, but also the interest of Ukrainians to their production has plummeted. If when I was little, I would dine out every other month, then today I going out once a year is an achievement for me. It is not that I don’t have the money or the time, I just don’t want to.

We don’t all have moms and dads to cook each meal, so as not to starve, buying takeout is not only the best pick for a buck, but also the healthiest choice . I didn’t make a mistake. Based on the latest research, eating out at The Subway, Burger King or McDonald’s is way better for your liver and stomach, compared to eating packaged ramen and noodles.

The real problem, that should be addressed is not the quantity of the food chains, but the quality of their meals. I think that if corporations want customers to purchase the goods and trust the organization, they need to fasten their belts and care about the well-being of consumers. Some restaurants have already challenged the trope of “the harmfulness of fast food” and changed their menus, recipes and products, from which new and improved and, most importantly, healthy meals are cooked.

In the case of junk food becoming less popular, first, who will stand to lose are big food chains and small local cafes. First would repurpose their already existing millions into something new, second would most likely become bankrote.

Summing up, we shouldn’t be so harsh to junk food, but still looking after yourself and staying healthy will never go out of fashion.


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