Junk Food Can Cause Serious Diseases

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This essay will demonstrate To what extent junk food is unhealthy. This will be sustained with scientific facts and revised pages that will discuss on if its really a body-killer or if it’s just a myth. The answer of this question will be very important, because junk food as the word says “junk” is something that you don’t actually need, but junk food is not just useless it also carries illnesses, some terrible illnesses that can make you die.

Still many people´s opinion is that junk food is good, as long as its consumption stays in healthy numbers. But Should we completely avoid junk food? How exactly does “junk” food damage your body? Does junk food damage your brain? What diseases does “junk” food in excess cause in you? What is what causes the junk food to be bad? All that questions and more will be answered as we go deeper on this research.

“Junk Food – How it is Actually Good for You”, “Junk food can actually be good”. You can find these and more titles regarding junk food being good for you, but to what extent is this information true?

So let’s start with this question: What makes the junk food bad? This can be easily answered by saying “Because it is over processed food”, but more specifically, what things did that process makes to your food? Well the most popular knowledge is the high quantity of salt or sugar added to the food to taste better, the first one can make raise your blood pressure and with that the probabilities of a heart illness.

Researchers from the University of Leicester figured out that processed food are high in PAMPs (Pathogen-Associated Molecular Patterns), these PAMPs act the same as a virus, an immune response to these appear in the way of an inflamation, experts argue that a long-time inflammation can boost the risk of dangerous diseases like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, but that is not all. The damages junk food makes in your body goes from an expanded chance of obesity and persistent diseases like cardiovascular illness, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver illness to even cancer. Junk food also makes you feel full or fulfilled, still it has not of the essential supplements like carbohydrates and proteins, responsible of keeping your body energized and healthy. If you eat junk food each time you’re hungry, you will feel eventually exhausted. It can low your vitality levels to the point you will have a hard time making everyday tasks.

Junk Food and Brain

Your brain is also not safe, new studies have demonstrated that junk food decreases the making of modern neurons, the birth of new neurons, or neurogenesis, happens all through life within the hippocampus. These new neurons have high levels of neuroplasticity, meaning they are exceptionally effectively enabled by natural occasions and are basic for forming modern memories. Reductions within the number of youthful neurons have been related to mental health disarranged counting depression, junk food can make us feel delight when we are discouraged, so we eat more, which makes us sadder. Also new studies have demonstrated that sugar stimulates your reward pathways as drugs like cocaine. Yet sugar independently is not comproved to be addictive, but a combination with fats is incredibly tempting.

When you arrive to this part of this essay you may be thinking about how bad its junk food, and that you will try to avoid eating junk food, but have you ever thought if we should completely avoid junk food?

Junk Food is actually found everywhere and you simply cannot avoid junk food even if you should. It is in the soda you enjoy with your friends, in the chips you buy at your recess, in the cake of your birthday, and even in the industrialized fruit drinks they do contain minerals and vitamins, still they have the same quantities of sugar a soda has. The “healthy” cereal bar you think is good for you, that bar contains the same quantity or more compared to a candy. These types of junk food are often called Junk Foods in Disguise.

Although it is good that you worry and inquire about junk food and weight gain, being obsessed with it is something unhealthy, studies have found out people who restricted themselves regarding junk food had more trouble maintaining a healthy weight in comparison to people which were more permissible regarding eating junk food. Everything in moderation is the common advice when referring to junk food, what  would be recommended is for example before eating all the junk food possible in a holiday before the holiday comes try doing some exercise or avoiding junk food, so when the time comes you could enjoy without trouble.


Closing this essay we conclude with our final ideas, junk food itself its bad, it can cause you serious diseases like the ones we mentioned before, even though you can eat junk food always in small or rational quantities to avoid future troubles.Do not forget a disease is like karma, you will never know when it would come. Lucky for us if anyone has troubles with their respective diet there are people called nutritionists, which are experts in that field that can help you. And remember always eat balanced and everything in excess is bad.

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